You are currently viewing Twists, turns and phases of the lockdown journey, Relatable or not?

Twists, turns and phases of the lockdown journey, Relatable or not?

Numerous Lockdown journeys

Current unprecedented time in our life is getting extended month after month. The number of cases is increasing each day, and so is the unpredictability. This lockdown journey will come to and end or will take a turn only when the valid vaccine comes into force. All is unknown.

We have come a long way to settle and accept this new normal. Emotionally, Physically, exploring culinary skills and most importantly spiritual.

Culinary Lockdown Journey:

Cooking was not my hobby; it is just one of the chores. When the Covid19 lockdown came into force in march, just like everyone we started with one Pot or single pot meals. Vegetable khichdi, dal dhokla, stuffed parathas made most part of our meals.

Then came a time when we were far better settled in our Lockdown Journey, and started experimenting new, never tried dishes. We used to look for dishes and recipes on various food blogs and vlogs and started trying. From samosa, Jalebi to Misthi Doi and Mediterranean dishes. Not just me but most of the WhatsApp status and Facebook, Instagram stories were full of the new culinary experiments.

Lockdown Journey
open Sandwich plus salad

It was one of our ways to fight the boredom during lockdown. Plus, as no one was allowed to eat outside food, something had to be done at home.

Now we have finally come back to our regular eating style, rather healthier one.

Chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, Kadha and green tea are the new normal for us. I still do experiments but the frequency has gone down considerable.

Physical Journey: Restricted movements and then came Fitness

This Phase of lockdown journey can be divided in to parts, which can further be divided. Physical journey as in the limited physical movement. It was zero for considerable amount of days. Thankfully we live in a city where everything gets delivered at our door steps, neither life nor lifestyle won’t be affected even if we do not step out.

Then came a time when we stood in the queue of circles made outside the local shop, used sanitizer umpteen times till we reach back home with essential supplies. Kept them in balcony for few hours before either washing, sanitizing and cleansing them.

Covid19 has increased this work of washing and drying vegetables, and sanitizing every product. But can’t help it. Safety is more important.

Fitness needs to be brought back in life

Then the Physical journey, is about our fitness. The earlier part went into resting. Wow no school, no travelling to office, no timetables to chase. Wow, so we relaxed physically although in panic.

Then when the cooking journey came into phase two of culinary experimenting, we started gaining weight. SM meme should also be given credit to make us realize that, once the lock down is over, will we be able to get out of our doors, will we fit into our clothes or will we be way fat by then?

Lockdown Journey
Home workouts with help of apps and videos are effective

Then came a time of self-realization. These thoughts inspired us to get moving. People started wearing masks and go out to walk, cycle or run. We are a little more protective and hence started exercising at home. Its been 2 months of working out and 5 kgs of weight loss till now.

The best part is me and my husband do it together, that gives us some couple time as well as we can inspire each other. I have always been an advocate about couple time. You can quickly catch up on my post here! That ways we are now each other’s gym buddies too.

Emotional Lockdown Journey : The most draining one

When the covid19 cases started increasing in march, we were just back from an awesome beach vacation. This year my husband planned everything so well that I could cut my birthday cake on the Baga Beach. It was like a dream. Can’t thank him enough for it. All 4 of us are water babies, and the vacation made us relaxed and positive.

Within ten days of coming us back lockdown one came into force and we were in state of shock, that what has happened. Every one was scared. Just like everyone we were spending too much time listening to news and social media to see if the virus has reached out city, our sector or our colony or not. Basically, to know how far it is from us.

Lockdown Journey
Everybodies Responsibility as a Global Citizen

There was too much bombardment of various studies, analysis, home remedies. All that is still there but now it doesn’t matter much.

The more information the more confusion. One sneeze was enough to put everyone in panic mode. Video calls to relatives, family and friends increased, as everyone wanted to know how the other person is coping up.

We learnt and changed according to the requirement. Started taking all the necessary precautions. And Stopped wasting time on news channels to gather unnecessary information.

Now we are in a phase where we take calculative actions, there is no anxiety anymore. Covid19 is here to stay. For how long, no one has an answer. The best way is to accept the new normal and adjust the lifestyle accordingly.

Spiritual Journey : Peace and Sanity

It’s been more than a decade, that we visit Sai temple every weekend. In ten years, we have hardly missed ten visits. These routine visits in still gratitude and peace for the following week. Even kids learn good things. During the complete lockdown we were unable to go to the temple. It broke the routine.

Everyone has a different way to cope with anxiety, we found a way through meditation. This not only helped us sail smoothly but has brought a lot of positive changes in our personality all together.

All the anxiety and panic brought us closer to spirituality in a new or way unexplored by us. Earlier we had not done meditation on a regular basis. In fact, we didn’t believe in the power of meditation. One of my husband’s acquaintances, introduce us to Isha foundation’s Inner Engineering course. I am sure many of you have done or at least heard about Sadguru. During the lockdown the online course was offered 50% discount on. It is a 7-day course, with a little homework to check if we have understood the part well. Then we followed the course with Isha Kriya a 20 min meditation. The regular practice of meditation, has brought a lot of change in our mental state.

This is Our Journey

You must have wondered why have I written this entire post as ‘We’ and not ‘I’ that is because, this is the journey of both of us. Nikunj and I. we have sailed through the rough sea together and made out journey smooth with support from each other. When I get anxious, he is there to hold me and wipe my tears and when he gets jumpy, I bring him back and keep him grounded. This is our Lockdown journey. With each other for each other, as they say till death does us apart.

No path and no journey is a straight line, its a sinusoidal. when it hits low, it is destined to go up again.

Don’t forget to share, Which all journeys you took during last 6 months?

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  1. Archana Srivastava

    Amazing routine you have set for your family Ujjwal it shows your power of taking the things with the most positivity. Kudos to your hard work, up to 5kg loss of weight that’s incredible.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks archana. Hope I continue there is a lot to be done.

  2. Madhuri Lele

    Well explained.. you are good writer. Ujjwal I like your blogs.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks alot. Your inspiration means a lot to me

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Loved all the different journeys you and your family took, Ujjwal. The Lockdown seems like a time of growth for you’ll and the experiences you has, and shared, are very inspiring. Lovely post.

    1. Payel

      This is really a strange time we are going through, but holding on a proper routine is really difficult but so important.
      Hope you are still trying more new recipes.. as I keep looking for something or the other!!

  4. Chinmayee Gayatree sahu

    How beautifully written! loved all the aspects that you touched upon while dealing with the unprecedented times that we are facing currently. I loved the concept of We that you used. Lots of power to you both.

  5. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes with this lock down we all had been going through different phases and trying to adjust ourselves. I had also started listening Sadguru recently and feeling relaxed and positive after starting this ritual. also, we are doing bed time meditation and this thing helping in good sleep and relaxation. love the post Ujjwal , very well written.

  6. Swarnali Nath

    The idea is good Ujjwal. Lockdown took us to another journey emotionally, physically, spiritually and more. We went through a lots of changes. You portrayed the journey very nicely. And yes I noted the spiritual journey as it felt so personal. Lovely post Ujjwal.

  7. Cindy Dsilva

    I have done all the fun things even during lockdown. And done more and spent more time on them for sure. The only thing is cooking that I’m trying and not liking at all.

    1. Seema Bardeskar

      You’ve broken down the lockdown into the exact phases that I’m sure evryone has experienced. From food to more food to binge watching to realisation that this is not going anywhere anytime soon. And taking care of our health in whatever possible and keeping ourselves engaged in various ways is what needs to be done.

  8. Geethica Mehra

    You have said so correctly, Ujjwal that when depression nears one of the partners the other one takes care. I live in a joint set up and have seen during this time that it is so blissful to be with your family. I have heard so much about people getting tense/depressed as they are alone or just a couple who are longing to meet their families in other states/countries.

  9. Amritha Srinath

    This is the exact depiction of the phases we all went through for the last seven months. Thankfully, staying in the nuclear setup, my husband too helped me with the chores and was indeed my mental support as I was also in first trimester. Yes, this lockdown brought us a new routine, taught us to self-sufficient, home-made chefs and much more. What a great post Ujjwal!

  10. Neeta Kadam

    Your lockdown journey is almost matched with everyone. Yes, this Covid 19 taught us many thing. Specially to stand up on emotional wall which is quite tough during this time.

  11. Nitisha

    Nicely summed up Ujjwal. I think this has been “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki” during the lockdown. Although difficult but this time has brought many a families together. Near or far, our family has spent time together from playing games to praying for a better future, together. I took advantage of this time to connect with long lost friends and relatives too.

  12. Hema

    your lockdown journey is inspirational and I love how you have organized everything well . I would say you are coping up really well. Covid19 is tough on us but we need to be emotionally strong and try to invest our time in positive things.

  13. Bhawna Shah

    This was exactly happened in every house. Moreover, we all had learnt so many things and the utmost is “Importance of Health and cleanliness”. Some new normals also added in our lifestyle. You have written a great post.

  14. Ishieta

    Except for the cooking, i too went through a similar experience. Meditation is definitely a game changer and i am glad you both found it.

  15. Neha Sharma

    This is such an interesting take on the prompt, I guess we all have been through this journey. Mine is actually almost similar to yours just that I am still trying to find inspiration to stay fit. Hope to find it soon. Loved reading your post!

  16. Disha

    Totally agree with the journey of lockdown.. I have been through the phases of cooking, fitness and emotional journey all in last few months. Hope the numbers also decrease now!

  17. Aditi Kapur

    Covid19 lockdown has not discouraged you whether to stay in shape or following spiritual healing route. Good to know that, as I’m still struggling to get out of the shock;)
    You are Inspiring!

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks Aditi.

    2. SwatiMathur

      Beautifully written post and a unique take on the topic. I think all of us has gone through the same journey and I agree that we have accepted this new normal quite gracefully.

  18. Aesha Shah

    This is such a fantastic post and I can relate to it at so many levels. For me as well cooking was just a chore but during the initial lockdown days it helped me relax. I was myself surprise that cooking became therapeutic for me. I am a hard core gym person and it was so difficult for me to keep up at home without any equipment but again surprisingly for me Yoga helped me get mental peace. I too started reading Inner Engeenering after listening to few videos by Sadguru. I didn’t enrol for the course but I think I will after reading his book ‘Death’. Listening and reading his books have helped me sail through this lockdown journey.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Wow Aesha… we actually are in the same boat 🙂 Let’s keep sailing 🙂

  19. Suhasini I.P.

    Very unique take on the travel prompt Ujjwal. I really liked the idea of taking things into your control and working best of the given circumstances.

  20. Mandavi Jaiswal

    Emotional journey is actaully the most difficult of all paths to tread on. Completely uphill task. Beautiful take on teh prompt and very refreshing read

  21. Debidutta Mohanty

    A beautiful take on the prompt. This COVID journey surely leaves a distinct mark on everyone’s life. We all have evolved physically, mentally and emotionally as well.

  22. Milan Singhal

    This is a lovely take on the prompt. lOVED READING EACH AND EVERY facet of your journey during this lockdown. Guess its true for everyone. Stay strong!!

  23. Hansa Kajaria

    This is an amazing twist to the journey promt. Lockdown was tough for me as husband was working through out the lockdown and I was at home with 2 kids alone. It affected me mentally and drained me out but I started blogging and writing to divert my mind.

  24. Ruchi Verma

    I agree this lockdown taught us so much in life and taken us from one journey to another and you have really penned this beautifully

  25. Sivaranjini. A

    Lock down gave time for inner journey, cooking, we paused and had our own journeys going.

  26. Mayura Amarkant

    Wow! Just like your other posts, this is another masterpiece from you, Ujjwal! The lockdown has been challenging for all of us and the inner journey was the need of the hour. Thank you for writing this one!

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