You are currently viewing Ostrich and other birds, pecking in your dreams? #AtoZchallenge

Ostrich and other birds, pecking in your dreams? #AtoZchallenge

Birds Dreams are peculiar. Dreams which are prima facie scary have a relatively easy interpretations and dreams which look soothing sometimes have a scary meaning.

What would you say if you have a dream where you see a flock of colorful birds either around you or flying? Bird dreams sound simple and beautiful, however interpreting them isn’t that very easy. Each bird type, size, action and color have an independent meaning.

Birds in dreams are considered as messengers. They come to show or indicate signs and warn us against future events. Birds bring hope, aspirations and joy. A free bird is the happiest one, they speak volumes about freedom of our soul from burden and guilt. It is also related to spiritual and emotional freedom.

As we are writing for a post ‘O’ lets start decoding dreams about Ostrich

Ostrich is a strong, flightless and fast running bird. He is not a very colourful or beautiful bird like a kingfisher or hummingbird. Seeing this bird in your dreams is surely not common.

We all know a characteristic of this bird is when senses danger the bird digs his head inside sand. This bird visiting a dream implies that the dreamer isn’t ready to face the upcoming situation, mostly a challenging one. 

When an Ostrich in your dream is running:

This dream has an interesting one, if ostrich is running it means that something valuable that you have lost is going to come back to you with minimum damage. It can be your car or your luggage.

Birds Head in sand:

It simply means that the dreamer is unable to face reality. The truth or situation that he has to face isn’t very pleasing. In general the person is protecting themselves from a heart break.

Is the ostrich looking at you?

This implies that you are more accepting of yourself, you are accepting your creativity or imagination. This also means that you are dreaming about success in your current project.

There is no Ostrich it’s just his Feathers:

IF you find feathers of ostrich it means you are going to have a misunderstanding or fight with loved ones. It can be so bad that either of you or both will be emotional hurt. It also warns towards uncertainty of relationship.

Let’s move to generic birds’ dreams.

Birds in general are good omen. The migratory birds move from one place to another, so seeing birds also means that you are already or need to make changes in your lifestyle.

Birds landing on you:

If the bird lands on your feet:

When a bird’s land on you r foot specially a left one it means you need to be careful. There is no good news coming your way. You might get into conflict even a legal dispute. It’s not a good time to start anything new.

Bird landing on your arm in your dream:

This means it’s time to take some action. There might be pending issues in your waking life that you were not confident about and procrastinating but now you have to find solution to problems and resolve them.

Landing on head:

This means that you need to think hard, solutions are right in front of you. You need to put your brain in it and get answers.

Landing on your body:

It means you are going to work hard and get more productivity from your existing resources.

Landing On someone you know:

In your dream when the bird lands on someone else and not you. Then the question is do you know that person, if yes then they are in problem and need your help. It might t be tough as not everyone is ready to accept help or share worries, but you got to find a way.

When Flying bird or flock of birds:

Flying is always a good omen; it means your dreams taking off. Prosperity is in store.

Landing on you and biting:

It is a bad omen, not all but some people around you are not in good terms with you. They are looking for that opportunity to take revenge. There can be mistrust and jealousy too.

Birds with no legs:

This sounds painful, and I guess currently many of the people around the world locked in homes can get such dreams. This dream means boredom. There is no excitement you are stuck.

Birds without feather and cannot sing:

This isn’t a happy feeling either, these dreams imply that you will be dominated by powerful person, your materialistic pleasures are under this person’s control. It can be as simple as clothes and shelter.

Aggressive birds in a dream:

Aggression in dreams mean that you are not giving the due attention, credit and respect to your loved ones.  It might be your time to return the favours. It’s always to keep loved ones warm.

Empty nest:

As we grow old, most of are going to face the empty nest syndrome. However, an empty nest in dream means financial trouble.

Seeing birds fighting:

Although I haven’t seen birds fighting in dreams, but I have seen it in waking life. These types of dreams mean a fight might broke out between lovers.

Let’s explore what the birds with different colour in our dreams means:

Colour of birds

Blue bird – This means kindness and peace. You are going to experience Love and honesty in your relationships.

Purple– You have lot of potential. You need to give yourself a chance and be creative and helpful to others.

Red– It’s surely a colour of love and passion. When you see a red colour bird in your dream it means the future has passion and stability coming your way. You might get settled in life.

Yellow– Yellow is for fun times. There can be outings, vacation or family get together. All play and no work.

Green-This the very own colour of nature. A green bird in your dream means love, calmness and communication.

Black– A sharp black bird means that it’s time for serious business, you are going to have deep focus on growing yourself. Self-development, pampering is on its way.

Gold – It means you are going to have material gains. It can be a salary hike, bonus, new job or you might inherit a lot of wealth.

Multicolour– As joyful as it sounds, when you see a multicoloured bird in your dream it means happiness. Lot of happiness.

We can go ahead and see some common dream visitors, birds that are common in dreams globally.

Crows and large Hawks in your dreams:

They come to see you to remind you to face your real-life problems bravely. These are not small problems; they are scary blunders. If you see a crow attacking you means that you need to push ahead your plans, the gains will be good if you do not stop or lessen your efforts.


A canary is small songbird. They generally are yellow or orange. These visitors mean happiness and contentment.


We all know what a cuckoo bird does with crow and eggs. They mean disloyalty. This type of dreams mean that a person is going to become annoying in your life.


This bird has visited your dream to remind about your unexplored potential. You need to find a relevant opportunity to showcase your talent.


It means you have some serious anxiety and mood issues. Roosters are generally seen as rude and arrogant. You better work on your attitude towards others.


Parrots are very talkative; these types of dreams mean you are going to have healthy and strong communications with people around.

If a bird sanctuary comes alive in a single dream, it means a big change in your life is coming.

Movie recommendation per say there are many well acclaimed movies with the bird theme.

From Bollywood we have Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth starrer 2.0. The movie has great special effects.

From Hollywood the horror movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock, is an amazing watch.

Both these movies talk about sudden and unexplained attacks by birds on humans. That’s all for today. Tomorrow will try to talk about people in our dreams. People we know and those who are unknown. Why do they visit us? What do they want? Stay tuned for more interpretations.


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