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Pareeksha: A ZEE5 original is actually a Test of society

I have been on OTT platform for a long time, as I have not been into Saas-Bahu serials on television and OTT offered a fresh perspective. The Original series and movies gave chance to new talents, more focus on storyline and character actors rather than only focusing on leads actors. Even ‘A’ list Bollywood actors like Saif Ali khan, Nawazuddin and Abhishek bachhan are now on this platform.

After recommendation from few friends I have even took subscription on ZEE5, and honestly, I do not regret it. I have been glued to it for movies, series specially in regional languages.

One such awesome movie I want to share with you guys today. It’s the latest ZEE5 original movie, directed by none other than Prakash Jha. We all have seen and been fan of many of movies directed by him. Like Gangaajal, Raajneeti, Apaharan and Mrityudand to name a few. 

This Movie is –Pareeksha, the final test


Buchhi Paswan by Adil Hussain

Priyanka by Priyanka Bose

Bulbul by Shubham

SP Kailash Anand by Sanjay Suri


The story of the movie is simple. It’s about a father’s struggles and fight to give his child all that he deserves. Without thinking about his own limitations.

The story is about Buchhi a rickshaw puller, who picks up and drops school children to a very high well established Engilsh medium school, Saphire International. His own son Bulbul, goes to a government school and is very bright and intelligent. Buchhi feels that the government school will not do justice to his child’s intellect and wants bulbul to go to the Sapphire. And he promises his son, that he will fulfil his dreams #SapneSachKarenge.

He gets bulbul admitted to the school with lot of struggle, but what follows is a challenging situation for all of them.

Bulbul faces lot of resistance from teachers as well as students, his struggle to fit into the culture of the new school and his fears are real. Buchhi and his wife Priyanka, even starve to save money, as with big school, big expenses will also come. In this fight for money, Buchhi makes some unconventional decisions, which will affect not only his but the entire family’s future.

My Take

It’s the acting by Adil and Shubham, that tugs the heartstring. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster. Prakash Jha keeps the audience glued, from the first scene till the end.

The dreams that a father has for his child, are truly displayed by adil Hussain. My heart goes out, while seeing him struggle, for what elite kids take for granted that is getting good quality education.

SP Kailash Anand played by Sanjay Suri, must get a special. He har portrayed real life hero IPS officer Abhayanand. Who teaches and coaches kids in Naxal hit areas of Bihar.

This movie makes us realize the difference of economic background and its effect on the education system.

It’s a must watch movie, if possible, watch it with your kids. Let them understand the struggles people go through to get good quality education.

Rating 4.5/5

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  1. Avin Kohli

    Loved your honest and real feedback. It’s true that saas bahu shows are so over.

  2. Manisha Garg

    From your post it seems it’s really worth a watch. A good storyline with wonderful acting.

  3. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

    Absolutely looking forward to watching this show. Loved its concept and you gave a pretty detailed review.

  4. Surbhi prapanna

    Prakash jha is one of my favorite director. And I had watched most of his movies in the past. Will watch this for sure when we have ZEE5 facility in USA.

  5. Samidha Mathur

    Prakash Jha’s movie often hits society and compel to think about real grounds. By its review, this movie seems to be worth watching. Thankfully I have ZEE 5 subscription and I will watch it for sure.

    1. Aditi Kapur

      Prakash Jha never fails to impress the audience. Pareeksha reviews are tempting, shall watch the movie soon:)

  6. Hansa Kajaria

    Prakash Jha has always made sne great movies to watch and this seems to be a very emotional story. Thanks for the review am gonna watch ths for sure.

  7. Mayura Amarkant

    I have seen this film! Its extremely inspiring. ZEE5 is my family’s favourite OTT platform.

  8. Sabiha

    Prakash Jha usually is known to come up with a unusual and interesting story line.This one would definitely be good to watch than the usual drama on T.V for sure

  9. Ishieta

    This is a promising sounding movie. I know education is important but it has such a chequered path for everyone

  10. J Factor

    I have seen my father from struggling his profession to taking care of us and all the other expenses , I would love to watch this movie with my whole family. Nice pick

    1. Varsh

      The things that we take for granted, like money and education, can be a big issue for someone else. This story seems very relatable and Adil Hussain is an amazing actor. Will catch this soon!

  11. Mayura Amarkant

    I have seen this film, and that’s why I know that your review is honest. Keep writing such insightful pieces.

  12. Anahita Irani

    ZEE5 is always churning out great contents for its viewers. Prakash Jha story is about Buchhi a rickshaw puller seems like a must watch for me.

  13. Neha Sharma

    I have watched this movie, I would say it’s a must-watch for everyone especially the younger generation. I love how ZEE5 is bringing such inspiring movies and series for its audience. Nice review.

  14. Smitha N

    Zee5 is always on my weekend list and definitely will be checking out this looks good to watch thank you for your review…

  15. Swati Mathur

    Zee5 has yet again had come with a good movie. Good to know that wr can watch this with the family. Should not take anything for granted

  16. Ruchi Verma

    Movie from Prakash Jha must be great..I really liked the plot thanks for sharing this with us, there are so many great movies on Zee5

  17. Rajshree S

    I am totally intrigued by the plot of this movie. ZEE5 has some of the best movie collection to offer.

  18. Mandavi Jaiswal

    Prakash Jha’s movies always have a message, they are so meaningful. I am planning to watch this over the weekend

  19. Jhilmil Bhansali

    The storyline of this ZEE5 original movie is very impressive. I somehow live such stories and would love to give it a watch.

  20. Cindy DSilva

    I love emotional shows but my daughter is tooooo emotional. Trust me, she has cried during Angry Birds, Frozen, Benji, etc. This one would be too much for her but i will surely watch it.

  21. Rashmi Chand

    sounds like a very good, thought provoking movie. prakash jha as it is a great director. he always brings such realities forefront.

  22. Gunjan Upadhyay

    Praksha Jha is one of the best when it comes to portraying Indian cinema, I am sure going to catch Pareeksha sometime soon this week, Thanks for reminding

  23. Roma

    You made me want to watch it buddy, thanks a lot for such an earnest review, I love emotional shows a lot

  24. Deepika

    Like you I am a fan of OTT platform… In this lockdown, I watched lots of movies. This one seems very interesting. Starcast and story concept is also superb. Will try to watch it soon.

  25. Snigdha

    Lockdown increases my crave towards OTT platform. I love watching series there. This movie’s starcast and story line is do interesting. Would love to watch.

  26. Tina Basu

    They have very nice content on their platform and I have watched many. I have to watch this one now. Your review is pretty good. The storyline sounds interesting.

  27. Snehalata jain

    I loved the story , I want to see this, as I love such cute stories of achieving some thing ,it motivates me

  28. Dr Bushra

    The plot of Preeksha sounds fresh and intriguing. Indeed ZEE5, a one-stop platform for the nonstop entertainment. This is binge watch

  29. Dr Bushra

    The plot of Preeksha sounds fresh and intriguing. Indeed ZEE5, a one-stop platform for the nonstop entertainment. This is must watch

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