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People, known and unknown visiting you in dreams. Want to know why? #atozchallenge

Today with heavy rain with hailstorm, changed the dynamics of weather. This was completely unexpected and so did the 5cm snow fall at Sri Kedarnath. Many things happen as expected some happen unexpected.

In our dreams too, sometimes we are all alone and sometimes we have visitors. Visitors are sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant just as in real life. Some meeting and get together go as we want, and some don’t. Today we explore dreams and talk about the common visitors of our dreams.

We have spoken about kids and babies in detail in Babies in your dreams, what do they mean? check this one for a quick reminder.

When you see a child in your dreams:

Although there are many readings, the most common is when you see yourself as a child in your dreams means you are ignoring your inner child. Be happy in small things and forgive fast as kids do.

Old people visiting you in dreams:

In general terms dreams involving old people means you are gaining wisdom and maturation of your own views. They are generally good omen.

These old people can be neighbours, acquaintance, an old person you saw at a mall or even any old character from your favourite TV Series.

This means you are handling your current situations in waking life quite maturely or will be handling a tough task pretty well with clear communication with people involved.

If you see these old people talking to you or among themselves means you communication is going to be clever and creative.

Parents coming in your dreams:

Generally, parents’ dreams sign towards fear of responsibility. They also mean that you are looking for some advice and you need to talk to someone.

In your waking life you might be in a similar situation as your childhood and hence you think parents can give you a better solution.

If your deceased parent visits you in dreams, it’s a spiritual experience. That means they want to guide you or convey a message to you, that message can be verbal or non-verbal. We generally remember such dreams even when we get up, so thing and rerun them once you get up to understand what they were trying to tell you. It will help you in waking life.

When you see a Celebration or family get together:

They are always happy moments; we meet so many people after long time. Thanks to social media that we are now a days connected to everyone virtually, however meeting in person has its own charm. If you see any such happy family gatherings in your dreams it signs that happy moments are around the corner. It is not necessary that you meet all those people you saw in your dream rather it means if you were in stress or trouble then your worries are going to end.

Meeting Unknown people in your dreams:

We have so many visitors in our dreams, we see people we have never ever met in waking life. What does it mean?

When you get unknown people in your dreams, it means you feel lonely in your life. Like you are among the crowd, but you think neither they know you well nor you know who they really are.  Dreaming about unknown people can mean your hesitance, insecurity, or instability in the waking life.

These dreams are just your anxiety and nothing bad unless these visitors are deformed, scary and trying to attack you. If you get attacked by a scary stranger, it means you are going to face a really tough situation in waking life.

Friends visiting you in dreams:

Friends, they come in all size, shapes, moods and seasons. And who doesn’t want them. Most of our school, college and hostel days are liveable because of these friends only.

As the telecom companies add says, “Kyunki, har ek friend jaroori hota hai.”

In your dream, if you are welcoming your friends and hosting them at your home is a very positive one. It means you are having a healthy and positive relationship in life.

You see yourself spending time with your friends, means financial growth and good health.

If you see an upset on tensed friend can be a sign of illness of suffering.

There are many other species apart from humans that we are talking about, you can check it here.

Ostrich and Other Birds, pecking in your dreams?

Dogs and cats, in your dreams. What do they want?

As we end today’s discussion with Friends visiting us in dreams, for a Binge watch suggestion only one thing comes to my mind. Yes, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It’s first season was premiered in 1994, followed by total 10 seasons and I know many people still watching and enjoying it. Every character in the series as their own fan following. It is a journey of 6 adults living in Manhattan and their journey about happiness, trouble and of course friendship.

My BFF has watched all seasons for more than 5 times

Keeping it light today as tomorrow we explore dreams about a heavy topic, Dying in dreams. Stay tuned, see you tomorrow.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    I often dream of my school friends. That was not a good time of my life and those friendships were quite unhealthy, so I think my dreams with them are more stress or anxiety related.

  2. This was a very interesting post, Ujjwal. I always wondered a few things about my dreams and this makes it much clearer. Thank you 🙂

    In addition, rightpurchasing is having an open day starting midnight tonight along with the “Q” post. We will be open to any of your queries regarding Blog monetization or if you need any suggestions. Hope to see you there.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      Thanks for stopping by sundeep. I guess I missed the open day. there are so many things on home front that I am unable to check the comments regularly.

  3. Poorvi Khare

    That was such an insightful post. I dream a lot about people..sometimes family n friends and sometimes strangers.
    Now I know what these mean too.

  4. Urvashi

    Ujjwal what about people who have passed and we see then in dreams?

  5. Vashi Baloria

    This is such an intriguing topic & yet keeps me glued! I do have people visiting me jn my dreams & some j remember waking up! Glad i can give reasons to some thoughts.

  6. Subhashish Mandal

    This is something I will need to print out and keep reading again..all these layers and meanings …my dreams get more vivid as the morning seems closer and then fade away . Maybe there is more than I’m realizing

  7. Rahul Prabhakar

    I mostly have known people visit me in my dreams. Sometimes these are people I don’t really like. I wish I never had them visit me again – in dreams or otherwise.

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