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Kaleidoscopical night. Changing scene!

I moved Mahi to the bed. Poor girl, what a horrific start to her birthday celebration. She was going to step in her teenage, where kids this generation already has problems like existential crisis, and this one was so real. As far as I am concerned, I was not sleeping tonight for sure. There were butterflies in my stomach. And I had to stay awake and see all that is happening. The scene outside was right out of any fictional movie.

It looked like two armies of many witches and wizards, there was aggressive and non-stop wand waving. Flashes of light. And the weather was giving a relevant background score with right amount of thunders and wind.

I could see everyone except Manav, was he taken captive by the opposition army? Was he hiding in the cellar? Will try to get answers to these and many other questions, once all this gets quiet. There is one lingering thought in my mind, what is the point witnessing all this, as I won’t be sharing this with other no-magic people I know. Anokhi has trusted me with her big secret, and I am going to keep up the trust. But there is ultimate satisfaction, that I was right, there is a mystery and now I not only know it but am even part of it.

Other side team looked mean. They had no mercy. The facial expressions of those people were like they were here to snatch something. They were more aggressive and scarier.

On one side of the scene, I could see Anokhi, Miss.M, Mr. Pandey and couple of faces whom I saw roaming around in the surrounding last couple of days. It means, they were preparing for this. It means they were aware that something like this would happen today, but why today? Is it related to Mahi? Why Anokhi called her here, if it is so unsafe for her to be here? See I told you I have a list of questions to ask Anokhi if everything is back to normal by morning.

The fight kept happening for hours and I kept watching mesmerized. With the first ray of sun, the mean team started to apparate. One who looked like their leader threatened Anokhi that it’s not over and they will be back.  Once everyone from mean team left, Anokhi and her team also went their way, back to normal looking life. The scene was so calm, as if nothing at all has happened here.

I am also planning to catch some sleep, only if I could sleep after all this excitement. I am happy that the little girl is safe with me. There still are few hours for sure till her mother would come to take her. What should I say, good night or good morning!

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  1. Deepika

    Wow this is getting mysterious by the minute. I too have so many questions, and I’ll wait patiently for the new dawn to read the next post. You have an art of keeping your readers glued
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Harjeet Kaur

    You have me all excited to know more. I am surprised that she is going to keep such a big secret and not gossip about it! A war of wizards and witches must look so interesting

  3. PraGun

    Interesting and mysterious… Excitement keeps coming

  4. Varsh

    So the aggressive mean team started to apparate when the sun was showing up. Does it reflect a weakness here? Curious for the next part!

  5. Navita Bhatia

    So many questions in mind!! Hope to get the answers in the coming episodes and the situation gets some clarity on why and how.

  6. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    Love the buildup for whats coming in the second half… this has been written very well till now

  7. Surbhi Prapanna

    Today’s post has ended with my unanswered questions. feeling curious to know what happen next? wizards and witches sound like interesting element to story.

  8. Ruchi Verma

    Oh my God!! I am now with so many questions, just can’t wait for the next chapter of the story.

  9. Aditi Kapur

    Suspense is building up. Many questions about what why are killing us… waiting to read what happened next.

  10. Swati Mathur

    Very well written.. This us getting interesting and exciting day by day. I am so curious to know what is happening.

  11. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I hope my doubts will be cleared when I read the next one. You’re good at building the suspense

  12. Archana Srivastava

    Even I feel relaxed for a while as the war has ended, though for a short period only, but after so many scary surprises, this short period of calmness can count as a blessing in disguise. Waiting for Anokhi to pick Mahi.

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