You are currently viewing Bond of sisterhood in a womens life is beyond age, caste and cader!! Happy womens day.

Bond of sisterhood in a womens life is beyond age, caste and cader!! Happy womens day.

Wanted to write something about all these women in my life and the bond of sisterhood I share with them, for a long time.

They say it takes a village to bring up a child, the same is very true for a woman to succeed in her professional life too. It takes so many women to support for a woman to be able to manage and achieve what she wants in her career.

My mother, mother-in-law are two selfless women, who always stood by me. Their emotional support and kind words keep me going. Friends from college, who were family when we were in hostel has a special place in heart, a warm and free place.

But in my last 16years of professional life, I met so many amazing women who very total strangers when I first met them however later on, they became family.

Today’s post is about the bond of sisterhood in professional life.

Sisterhood came naturally

I remember when my first child was around 8 months old and I panned to change my career from Software developer to HR. I was accompanied by a young daughter of my househelp Suman. She herself was a working mother and understood my challenges clearly. Her daughter entertained and sat with my infant through out the interview process. If suman, would not have been so forthcoming I might have had second thoughts about getting back to work.

Not just her but a series of such amazing cooks, house help’s supported me in last 16yrs. Most of them mothers themselves.

Then came a group of women, who loved me and my kids most selflessly. The day care staff. Both my kids has been raised by them. From teaching them table manners to their first alphabets and poems all cam from this caring group. They were able to feed and keep the child cleaner than I could do over a weekend. Kids never threw tantrums going to the day care, rather they missed the Didi’s and friends over the weekend.

Thanks to all those ladies, because of them I would work without being worried about kids.

Sisters for life

Then came a more professional group, which could have envied, fought or done politics at workplace, but they rather choose to encourage, support and even became agony aunts when required. Yes, my friends at work. Most of them a family now.

Shipra Agarwal, one such strong lady. Whom I met in year 2010 for the first time and now she is my husband’s rakhi sister and in turns my kids bua. She has helped me not just in work but also in organizing kid’s birthday party. She loved me so much that I shared many of my troubles with her even before my mother and that was true for her as well. Now as she settled outside India, I miss her so much.

There are so many women in my blogging career in last 3 years, who have guided me to succeed without any favour in return. The best part about women bloggers is that, they have been their, done that so whatever they share comes from experience. Tried and tested. It can be an amazing tip for making paneer from AMY Amrit kaur or knowing how she maked SEO quality great for her every blog from Alpana Deo, and when I am taking about sisterhood in professional life, how can I not mention and have gratitude for the Sister Duo MeenalSonal, my co-hosts in #storytellerbloghops and my blogbuddy in true sense. Right from letting me know about various campaigns to encouraging me to meet deadline, they do it all.

By saying a simple “Thank you” I do not want to underestimate the importance and value each one of them added to my life. I am indept to each one of these amazing women, who help me stand tall.

HAPPY WOMENS DAY to all of us.

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This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.

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  1. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Sisterhood in a true sense can be felt when we are miles apart and feel the bond. The instant connection with a person like you is what we treasure for life. Feeling gratitude while seeing so kind words for us.

  2. Alpana Deo

    Thanks a lot Ujjwal. My pleasure for being a part of this journey.
    I believe that there are so many women in our lives who supported us and still shower their love and blessings in different ways. We just have to recognize them. I really liked how you mentioned about your household

  3. Faujimom

    Beautifully penned down. It is a wonderful reminder of all the amazing women who have helped us along the way. The bonds you make during this time is indeed special.

  4. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

    This year woman’s day feels more relatable and personal. Having found this beautiful sisterhood through the world of blogging had helped me tremendously

    1. Hansa Kajaria

      I believe and strongly feel that when one woman supports another, both grow together and how… we all women are in the same boat after our family life starts and we all need that support, love and care and who better to understand this than a woman. Cheers to all the women in ur life who have been ur support system.

  5. Cindy Dsilva

    oh yes when you have women friends who are like family at work, that’s awesome as mostly we are at work the whole day. Great take on the theme.

  6. Surbhi Prapanna

    Loved the post Ujjwal and it is great to know more about your professional life and amazing women that has helped you in grow and being a supportive system too. indeed the journey of life become beautiful, when we are blessed with beautiful relationship.

  7. Mayura Amarkant

    I resonate with your thoughts! Friends at work have been the backbone of my professional career growth. Wonderful and inspiring piece, indeed. #SpeakEasy

  8. sakshi varma

    Yes, true – it takes a village – this saying does apply so well to women as well. Just like you, I have had a horde of women and men supporting me throughout that has helped me reach where I am today.

  9. Neeta Kadam

    Really our friends and helping hands are our support system. Life is really difficult when we have to balance work and family. Glad to know your personal support which helps you to grow.

  10. Noor Anand Chawla

    This post is such a lovely tribute to the women you have met in your professional journey – we must give each other a step up so we can all grow together!

  11. Mandavi Jaiswal

    We almost always forget to thank out collegaues who stood by us. Beautiful one

  12. Shipra

    So true … I’m proud to be the part of this journey … love your work and thoughts always. Our relationship of sisterhood has helped us overcome so many road blocks in life.

  13. Sadvika kylash

    Having a gratitude post like this is one one way of being greatful. Loved your post. Happy women’s rights

  14. Bhawna Shah

    This is great that you are surrounded by so many positive souls which enrich your identity and help you in every walk of life. This is a heartfelt gratitude post for all of them. Stay blessed.

  15. Swati Mathur

    Such a thoughtful post and that’s so sweet to be grateful to people who helped us in our journey. Loved reading your post, I feel I should also write or call people who have added some much to my life and I haven’t acknowledged them.

  16. Ruchi Verma

    We often meet so many people in our journey and some of them become such an important part of our life. This sisterhood will last forever!!

  17. Preeti Chauhan

    It really was heart warming to read your post acknowledging the role that other women played in your life and in the process helping you shape your future successfully . Cheers to sisters !

  18. Roma Gupta Sinha

    such a heartfelt post dear, I could feel it came straight from your heart, can I so relate with the emotion and the bond of sisterhood.

  19. Varsh

    It’s so endearing to see you remember and cherish the memories with all the wonderful women you’ve been associated with. Loved this post. Sisterhood rocks!

  20. Smitha N

    Having a females as friends is always a blessed indeed and I too have few .. Loved reading this beautiful post keep rocking 😊

  21. Milan Singhal

    So good to know u have many friends to guide and help u in your blogging journey. This is a perfect note on womens days

    1. Taranpreet

      Often we get so busy in our own lives that we forget to show our gratitude towards other woman who have been super helpful in our journey called life. Totally loved reading your article

  22. Rakhi Parsai

    I have always believed that we women can lift each other very high professionally the day we get rid of jealousy from our hearts. even I have found so many such women in my blogging journey and feel inspired by them.

  23. Debidutta Mohanty

    Women can support and lift each other in all aspects of life. With social media being part and parcel of our lives there are so many communities that have become a kind of family now. Even I have found so many inspiring souls in my blogging journey and now they are more like my sisters.

  24. Neha Jain

    This is such a beautiful post that shows women’s are best support and if you have good understanding and trust nothing can beat that relationship

  25. Tina Basu

    happy women’s day to you too. This is such an amazing post that reminded me of all my girlfriends and the great friendships we made throughout life.

  26. Kavita Singh

    When women support each other it empowers us and helps us reach new heights. Absolutely loved reading this.

  27. amritha srinath

    What a positive power-packed and gratitude filled post Ujjwal. Indeed you have been blessed with some amazing women in your life. A women, when helps and uplifts another women, it not only creates a strong bond but also works in making the society better. Thanks for inspiring us and hosting wonderful bloghop, which again made all of us come together.

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