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Storyteller Blog Hop Season 3 – Highlights

A sense of accomplishment is my current state of mind. We have just wrapped 3rd season for storytellers blog hop. Three years ago, there were many blog hops going on, most of them were based on non-fictional theme. We wanted to have an exclusive storytellers club kind of thing and from this thought we came with the 1st fiction writers exclusive hop, which generally happens in Feb or march each year. This year we completed the Hat trick.

Hosts and Dost :

The hop started on 1st Fed and around 30 storytellers participated. The theme for this year was “Shades of love”. The hop is hosted by the blogging Sister Duo Meenal and Sonal from Auraofthoughts and Me. Meenal and Sonal have many thing unique, first is that they are sister duo who are based in different states on India and together they are successful in managing 2 self-hosted blogs, doing professional editing and reviewing work along with taking care of their families and full-time jobs. Their writing style is unique, the honestly in the intent reflects in their writing too.  It is the trust, respect, freedom and friendship that we share, because of which we have successfully done a hat trick for the blog hop.


Every year we get renowned writers, bloggers who can take masterclass exclusively for the participants. This year, we got an opportunity to host the renowned author Jyoti Jha, who took master class especially for the Storytellers, as we fondly call our participants. Her master class was a hit with the participants. She walked us through the important aspects about plot, characterization etc. We even discussed her book Aanandi, which is a very relatable read for many.

We have collaborated with 3 authors, who have sponsored the prizes for the winners of our blog hop. The winners were declared in 3 categories Most popular, Mesmerizing story teller and power packed story teller. You can get a glimpse of it on our SM post.

Support from Community

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Here is a little sneak peek on their Book

First one is Pratibha R DH her book  Buttlerflies in the Storm,

This is a story of Rhea, a bright teenager who copes with financial struggles, manipulative aunts, jealous cousins and rivals, and a controlling brother with a stoicism and wisdom quite unnatural for someone as young as her. In spite of the unending challenges in her life, she silently pursues her dreams with grit and determination, and earns a scholarship in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Life finally looks good but soon her brains and beauty catch many an eye making her a victim of jealousy and malice.

A family drama spiced with fun and romance as we sojourn with Rhea’s friends at the campus

while at other times unnerving with suspense and intrigue shadowed by the conniving minds at play.This is a coming-of-age story of a young girl and her relentless battle with life.

Then we have Sonia Chauhan with You Tell Me,

They say the bedrock of great love stories is friendship. Madhav and Nishaat are not-so-typical office buddies. A chance encounter brings them together, on their knees, in front of a busted printer. At work, they go their separate ways and never acknowledge each other again. Outside the office, Madhav and Nishaat form an uncanny friendship that spans years. At a glance, they seem like the perfect match. Except Madhav is chasing a long-distance girlfriend, and Nishaat has resolved to keep her dark heart intact. But life’s not perfect. And destiny’s not done with you until it makes you spin like an out-of-control turning top. Will Madhav and Nishaat’s friendship survive the toss of fate?

The third Author is Varunika with Women & their World

Women & their world: Tales of love, loss, and survival… is a promising collection of seven short stories that attempts to showcase varied answers to the question: What is it like to be a woman in this world? Even though no two episodes are the same, the book brilliantly weaves together the multiple stages of a woman’s life and the diverse roles she plays in it through a common thread. Sometimes the girl next door. Sometimes a devoted and overworked mother. She could also be a doting grandmother or just another woman wanting to explore the world on her own. And sometimes, she could be a woman trying to unchain herself from the clutches of a tumultuous past, exploring the meaning of freedom in a supposedly free world. These stories stem from the lives of the Indian middle class, delightfully capturing the essence of being a woman. 

It is always fun to read how every writer can weave an entirely unique emotion on the same prompt. This year was no different. Storytellers wrote from horror, thriller, romance, revenge, inclusivity and what not for the prompt. Many stories in storytellers blog hop were hard hitting, mesmerizing and engaging.

As promised we gave out certificates to each participant, depending on the achievement. If you like to write stories, do follow me and make sure you do not miss the registration deadline for the next years storytellers blog hop.

Signing out from #storytellersbloghop Season 3 and wearing a thinking cap for preparation of Season 4, we promise to make it larger and better every year.

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