Swimming: Good/ Bad Depends…. 

swimmingSwimming!! With temperatures shooting higher in almost every place just looking at the water gives a respite. In summers swimming is the most favorite sports for the entire family. Kids and elders equally. Some look at it as a good family time some as a exercise, whatever may be the case we all enjoy jumping in the pool in such hot weather.

However the question is, is it good and suitable for everyone. The answer is it depends. Depends on various factors. Most importantly safety measures taken by the individual and the maintenance team. The quick availability of doctor, life guards, coaches and floaters all must be well taken care of.

Speacilly if the water hygiene is not maintained there is a higher chance of getting skin allergies and ear infections. Specifically with infants, no matter how much they love playing in water the public pools is a strict NO-NO. Instead go for those big tubs that we get at roadside and create a temporary pool in your yard or for that matter in your bathrooms.. That’s what we do for our one year old. And she enjoys it like anything. I took this call as one of my friends daughter who is same age as mine just went into the society swimming pool once and caught a night infection. I have seen many friends and family getting ear infections so of possible use ear plugs.

Apart from this a doctor on the spot is very necessary. Myself being a swimming since age of 8 I have seen many accidents which turned ugly just because the life guards were not attentive enough or doctor was unavailable. So before you join any club or pool make sure basic safety is been taken care of.

Lastly the responsibility of parents and guardians. No matter if your kid is a camp in water DON’T Leave him or her unattainded when they are inside water. In day to day life we are already running against the clock and hence become complacent and soft accompany the child to the swimming pool thinking he is so good at it and there are life Gaurds anyways. Life Gaurds will be there but the hawk eye you have for your child they will kit have, and I have personally seen a delay of ten mins has taken a life. I will tell you what has happened there was this 8-9yr old boy, playing in pool with friends. Suddenly they decided to play the game of touching the ground and coming up. When this child went down his hand got stuck in the broken tile near the filter. And he couldn’t stand up or come out of water. His friends waited then they started murmuring amongst themselves then they told elders then the life Gaurds were called. This much delay was enough to fill the child’s lungs with water. His parents or any family member been around this mishap could have been avoided.

Yes but this is also true that these are accidents swimming is not all bad. It’s the only form of exercise with proper guidance even can be done in pregnancy. It refreshes not only body but mind as well. It helps I get a reducing stress levels. So do it, enjoy it but yes off course responsibly.

Happy Summers!!!!

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