Snakes and other reptiles, Dreams decoded here! #atozchallenge

Reptiles are not very welcomed creatures. No doubt they have their own beauty, but Many people are afraid of reptiles. If you have watched any season of ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ you must be nodding your head in approval.Reptiles are cold blooded animals. Reptiles can live in water as well as on land, they generally represent people in your life who cannot be trusted. We generally see in movies and cartoons as well they are shown as dark characters.Kaa from the Jungle book. How cunning the snake is, with its hypnotic eyes and voice.


Ostrich and other birds, pecking in your dreams? #AtoZchallenge

Birds Dreams are peculiar. Dreams which are prima facie scary have a relatively easy interpretations and dreams which look soothing sometimes have a scary meaning.What would you say if you have a dream where you see a flock of colorful birds either around you or flying? Bird dreams sound simple and beautiful, however interpreting them isn’t that very easy. Each bird type, size, action and color have an independent meaning.Birds in dreams are considered as messengers. They come to show or indicate signs and warn us against future events. Birds bring hope, aspirations and joy. A free bird is the happiest one, they speak volumes about freedom of our soul from burden and guilt. It is also related to spiritual and emotional freedom.


Is your dream trying to tell you about a future incident? #atozchallenge

As many as 15-20 % people say that they had precognitive dreams. It means dreams that predicted events before they happened. It might be coded. Not as clear rather in symbolic form. That is why we should check interpretations of our dreams and try to understand till we have time in hand.Precognitive dreams are rare however it makes sense if you could understand them at a right time.I you are fond of comedy movies and have watched the Bollywood movie ‘Fukrey’ you know that dreams can tell or predict future. If decoded properly and on time. The movie shows us both dreams being predicted correctly as well as incorrectly and the circumstances follows. It’s a fun movie to watch and as we are on this topic and we are locked down you can catch up.Enjoy, have fun. Sleep more. Dream more. If you remember them interpret them.


God ever visited in your dreams? Was he in a bad mood?

As in all types of dreams, with dreams involving God you can be happy, nervous, shocked, excited or even resentful and sad.Human life is a blessing. Things that we do right or wrong, I believe we have to face the consequences here only. No matter whether God appeared in your dream to advice or warn you, do your best to help the mankind. This is the right time. A small help from everyone can be a game changer in this situation.


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