Is your dream trying to tell you about a future incident? #atozchallenge

As many as 15-20 % people say that they had precognitive dreams. It means dreams that predicted events before they happened. It might be coded. Not as clear rather in symbolic form. That is why we should check interpretations of our dreams and try to understand till we have time in hand.Precognitive dreams are rare however it makes sense if you could understand them at a right time.I you are fond of comedy movies and have watched the Bollywood movie ‘Fukrey’ you know that dreams can tell or predict future. If decoded properly and on time. The movie shows us both dreams being predicted correctly as well as incorrectly and the circumstances follows. It’s a fun movie to watch and as we are on this topic and we are locked down you can catch up.Enjoy, have fun. Sleep more. Dream more. If you remember them interpret them.


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