10+10=10, his life stopped a Decade ago…

Everything crumbled down for Makarand, he couldn’t even gather courage to get back home alone. As it was just a house now, house which was full of Tarini’s memories. Since then he was a robot, living life for the sake of it. Wishing everyday to go and meet Tarini in heaven as soon as possible, its been a decade today and the wait is still on……


5 Must have books for Tweens #Booknblogwithus

As parents we always keep trying to teach and inculcate good habits in our kids, its much easier when they are young. We bring them interactive books, read them aloud along with kids imitating the emotions, read them bed time stories in short, we do everything to make sure, books become their companion. However, as the kids grow up, they have more than one advisor the special impact is of friends, the peer pressure changes their choices than what parents are says, and we often get to her, “my friends don’t do this”, yes, I am talking about the age when kids are about reach adolescence. The kids aged between 10 to 12 are popularly known as Tween agers.I have one at home, hence know what are the challenges in keeping them glued, they are just like toddlers “na dhang se bade, na hi dhang se bade”, confused as ever.


That one place #WoWe

If Arjun can show me a place in this city which I have never seen, we will plan the baby. Many months have passed since we had this conversation, and today early morning he woke me up and brought me here.


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