That one place #WoWe

If Arjun can show me a place in this city which I have never seen, we will plan the baby. Many months have passed since we had this conversation, and today early morning he woke me up and brought me here.


Dog and Dates #A2ZChallenge

This was the 6th train that we saw pass by. We sat on a bench near the railway track. My beau and I.. I leaned into him. He clasped my shoulder in a side embrace. The gentle breeze kissed my face. “Oye Rajesh Khanna- Hema Malini!!”, yelled a policeman from a distance. Potbellied. Wielding a cane, he ran towards us. We got up. I turned around first. He was about to turn. Tall, lean frame. Wavy mop for hair. I waited to see that face. He turned and I looked at him. Thank God, it was Suvin. Honestly, I always wanted that to be Suvin! And we ran! Real fast, hand in hand!!


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