Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

We have been told and know since generations how bad is television, how it makes us a couch potato, that television is an idiot box, but don’t we all have one or even more at our home?For that matter, we know reading a book while lying down or while in a moving vehicle is harmful for eyes but we do it right.The point I am emphasizing is nothing is bad if done in moderation, and over do of everything is bad. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-actualization’ are at the top, humans cannot live without being appreciated or feel accepted in the society. Rather than just looking at the negative side lets take a quick look of how social media has improved our lives.

Read more about the article Book Review- UNREAD
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Book Review- UNREAD

Finally I read the UNREAD, and here is the detailed review Name of the book: UNREAD Author   : 100 writers, Platform for artists Publication: FanatiXx Publication Number of pages: 143…


Living with Blogger Spouse #guestpost

Writing is always fun and taking it to a professional level only increases the passion and excitement of writing. Here is my darling Hubby, sharing his first hand experience about being spouse to a blogger. MUST READ.... and do share 'whats your story?'


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