Jail dreams are bothering you? Does it mean you are going to jail in waking life? #a2zchallenge

Even the thought of going to jail can get your heart racing and increase stress hormones in your brain. Its not just psychological but physical effect also that shows how much scare you can be.Your body triggers the emergency signal, and you get flooded with hormones like cortisol. There is adrenaline rush. You feel like this is the time to make a decision to take up the fight or flight. This is serious.So when your are having a peaceful sleep. Such horrible, vivid and realistic dream can wake you up with a jerk. Swear on your forehead, high pulse and racing heart. The emotions that you face at this point in your dream can be any out of these.Confused, frustrated, sad, angry, upset, cheated, unfair, mad, scared, guilty and many other like these.


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