10+10=10, his life stopped a Decade ago…

Everything crumbled down for Makarand, he couldn’t even gather courage to get back home alone. As it was just a house now, house which was full of Tarini’s memories. Since then he was a robot, living life for the sake of it. Wishing everyday to go and meet Tarini in heaven as soon as possible, its been a decade today and the wait is still on……


Dog and Dates #A2ZChallenge

This was the 6th train that we saw pass by. We sat on a bench near the railway track. My beau and I.. I leaned into him. He clasped my shoulder in a side embrace. The gentle breeze kissed my face. “Oye Rajesh Khanna- Hema Malini!!”, yelled a policeman from a distance. Potbellied. Wielding a cane, he ran towards us. We got up. I turned around first. He was about to turn. Tall, lean frame. Wavy mop for hair. I waited to see that face. He turned and I looked at him. Thank God, it was Suvin. Honestly, I always wanted that to be Suvin!And we ran! Real fast, hand in hand!!


Elvis Presley croons- Forever! #A2ZChallenge

As Elvis Presley’s Can't Help Falling in Love with you played on speakers, he pulled me closer. I could see my future in his eyes. Our kids. Our home. The shimmer in his eyes reminded me of Nordic lights I saw in my Brittania Encyclopaedia. If there was one place in the world, I wanted to be! This was it. With him. Forever.


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