Horribly shocking Exams! Have you failed one in your dreams recently? #AtoZchallenge

Exam is part of life. The format will differ. The method of evaluation and evaluator will change. Keep giving your 100%, and till the time you are content with your efforts and results you are emerging a winner already. Compete with yourself, to make yourself better than what you were yesterday. Rest will fall in place.The feeling of butterflies in stomach is synonymous to exams.Seeing yourself giving exam, checking score or even running late to the venue in your dreams involve similar feeling as you would in your waking life. Anxiety, fear, stress, uncertainty about future.


Eerie Nightmares! Who has freaked you in your dream last night? #AtoZchallenge

Sometimes Nightmares don’t just wake you up but also leave you with many effects. It can lead to anxiety, disturbed sleep, headache and even fever. The effect depends on how badly it has left you scared and stressed.There are mythological characters like ‘Mare’ or ‘the Old hag’. It is considered that they sit on the sleeper’s chest is when the person has nightmares.Falling of teeth, failing exams, being naked in public, running late for important work or even falling from hights fall into the category of nightmares, any dream that disturbs your emotions and sleep are called nightmares.


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