Celebrating India’s Engineering Prowess: Engineers’ Day

"Engineers' Day in India celebrates the legacy of Sir M. Visvesvaraya and the remarkable contributions of Indian engineers across diverse fields, from infrastructure development to space exploration. This blog post explores their achievements and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in shaping India's technological future."


Honoring the Guiding Lights: Celebrating Teachers’ Day in India

"Teachers' Day in India, celebrated on September 5th, pays tribute to the legacy of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, emphasizing the role of teachers in shaping young minds. Traditional celebrations include role-reversal activities, heartfelt expressions of gratitude, and inspirational talks. It's a day to honor educators' dedication and inspire a commitment to excellence in education."


Dog and Dates #A2ZChallenge

This was the 6th train that we saw pass by. We sat on a bench near the railway track. My beau and I.. I leaned into him. He clasped my shoulder in a side embrace. The gentle breeze kissed my face. “Oye Rajesh Khanna- Hema Malini!!”, yelled a policeman from a distance. Potbellied. Wielding a cane, he ran towards us. We got up. I turned around first. He was about to turn. Tall, lean frame. Wavy mop for hair. I waited to see that face. He turned and I looked at him. Thank God, it was Suvin. Honestly, I always wanted that to be Suvin!And we ran! Real fast, hand in hand!!


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