Different Types of Dreams and What Dreams mean #BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal 2020

I am a Dreamer, as in ya' I dream big about my life and career, however here I am talking about the dreams we get when we are asleep. I am saying I am a dreamer, because I get many dreams. Even if I catch a nap in afternoon that’s full of dreams, and I am not sure if its s good thing or bad I do remember them when I am awake, in fact most of them. I get recurring dream, nested dreams I am dreaming in my dream (Ya, I know that sounds silly) and sometimes if I my sleep gets disturb at night and when I go back to bed the same dream continues too.Does that sound familiar to you, we all get dreams sometimes even nightmares. We always wonder why we had such dreams; I can’t exactly say that however I have figured out and unscrambled meaning of a couple of dreams. And in this series, we will talk about all types of dreams.


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