You are currently viewing Tale of a mother, who can go to any extend to give her kids a better life. Her only way is #Bahir

Tale of a mother, who can go to any extend to give her kids a better life. Her only way is #Bahir

Here is another book review. Even if you are a feminist or not, I am sure this story will touch your heart.

Book: Bahir

Author: Monisha K Gumber

Publisher:  LEADING TRAILS (19 April 2018)

Pages: 204

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

My rating: 4/5

What the Author has to say about the book:

A tale of utter desperation and fierce hope. And a fight for honour.  Meet Sawera. A beautiful and Sensual woman. Born in Pakistan, raised in the Middle East and abused wherever she goes. Struggling to find acceptance, which eludes her over and over again, she ends up being an outcast. Who belongs nowhere and to no-one.

Used and manipulated by the men she loved, from the depths of her soul she claims her self-respect, along with the faith to overcome her pitiful circumstances.

Where does she find her strength? What is the breaking point? How does she get over the demons of her past? Follow the story of Sawera, a child born of midnight into the dawn of new hope. Uncover the secrets and conspiracies that make her the woman she is. Read her story, a story of survival.

About the Author:

Monisha K Gumber is the author of immensely popular Teen Novels with pictures called Sick of being Healthy and its critically acclaimed sequel called Dying to Live, which is part of ‘Most Memorable Books of 2017’ on Amazon India.

Inspired by the lives of immigrant women who work in foreign lands to fund a better future for their families back home, Bahir is her first book for Adults. She had many years of corporate experience which seemed enough to go on till she decided to move into the arena of writing and hopes to tell entertaining, simple yet motivational stories that make a difference.

She is also passionate about alternative healing and wishes true health and happiness for all. Currently she lives in the UAE with her family including two dogs and two cats.

My Review:

The morning or the beginning of the day is called Sawera in Hindi and Urdu. This heart wrenching yet heart-warming story is of a girl, our protagonist ‘Sawera’. Compromise, adjustment, and sacrifice enters her destiny and life from the moment she is born. When her birth mother decides to give her away to her sister who is childless. Born is Pakistan, brought up in Saudi Arabia. The story toggles between these two places. Sometimes we become judgmental about Sawera as she becomes one about her mother.

The struggles and confusion of a teenager about their physical and emotional changes are very well depicted. Sawera’s life is always a roller-coaster of emotions, expectations, failure and fighting back. She suffers a lot in her relationships. There is violence, betrayal, friendship, love, hate and all the emotions that make and break a character. She survives a bad relationship with relatives, an abusive marriage, a betrayal, slavery and even rape. Her desire and fight to give her kids a good life and take them out of poverty is commendable.

The author has given due weightage to all the characters. This story has close similarities with many needy people ready to go to any extent to go ‘Bahir’ or abroad. In the hope that, only then they will have a happy life.

Book cover:

A beautiful girl is on the cover. which makes it pretty clear that she is the central character and the story revolves around her. There is no on and nothing important except her.

The language of the book is easy to understand. The story is gripping, sometimes it becomes predictable, yet you cannot skip even a single page. Till the end it keeps the reader curious to know what happened next? Did Sawera survive? Was she able to find, what she deserved and crave for, Love? What about her kids?

The book is surely an entertainer, sometimes you laugh on her stupidity and sometimes you cry seeing her suffer. Grab this book, get on the roller coaster ride of emotions right away.

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  1. Alpana

    Ujjwal, reading just the few lines of your review made me feel that I should read this book. I like books which has sentiments, emotions and at the same time a desire to stand up every time you fall. Bahir seems one such book. Loves the name Savera and your style of narration.

  2. Preeti Chauhan

    Bahir and the struggles of Sawera reminded me of the book “Immigrants” .The book sounds like a very gripping tale of courage, grit and keeping up hope.

  3. Surbhi prapanna

    I always love to watch Pakistani and Urdu drama series but never get a chance to read any book from this background. savera the leading lady and her emotional story sounds interesting to me, will check out this book. Thanks for sharing review.

  4. Archana Srivastava

    An honest review of the book “Bahir” by you Ujjwal really pushes me to grab it at the soonest. The way you explained the shades of the journey of a girl named Sawera triggers my curiosity to know more about her.

  5. Neha Tambe

    Thanks for the review. The book seems to touch upon the lives and struggles of working women with not much of a family support. Such stories are powerful. Will check the book.

  6. Truly Yours Roma

    This surely sounds like a book I will like to read at all costs. Thanks a lot for such a worthy review of the same Ujjwal.

  7. Jhilmil D Saha

    A survivor’s journey in this dark bad world. I really liked tbe concept of the book. It would be interesting to know how Sawera goes about it.

  8. Charu

    The book sounds interesting with a very strong message. The title itself is quite powerful. Am intrigued to read this one.

  9. Deepika

    I loved the way how you described the book. I loved the plot of the story too. I must say, very nicely reviewed. I think I should go for it.

    1. Dipika Singh

      Well this book connects with me on various levels a story of a brave mother and her devotion for kids just reading few line I feel like grabbing this book right away and start reading it thank you for a great review

  10. Kavita Singh

    The cover itself is so intriguing. I loved reading your review and would love to read this book soon. Looks like my weekend read is sorted.

  11. Judy Morris

    The cover is quite inviting for a reader to pick it up and I would surely want to read the story of Savera written by a popular author.

  12. Ruchi Verma

    I really loved the plot and the cover seems so interesting too..would love to grab my copy and read this!!

  13. Rajshree S

    I am very inclined toward getting this one after reading your review. The story of a survivor sounds pretty good exciting to me right now.

  14. Roopika

    Seems to be great mix of emotions, rivalry , friendships- I would definitely love to give it a read.

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