You are currently viewing The Curse of Kuldhara – Crime Thriller #bookreview

The Curse of Kuldhara – Crime Thriller #bookreview

Today I have come to you with review of a crime thriller The Curse of Kuldhara, by an Indian author. Richa S. Mukherjee. This is the next episode in her Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt.Ltd Mystery Series.

Book Review: The Curse of Kuldhara

Genre: Mystery/ Crime fiction

Publisher: Black Ink

Total Pages: 348 pages

Author: Richa S Mukherjee

Good Narration and nice Story Telling

About the Author:

Richa is an ex-journalist and advertising professional turned award winning writer, poet and blogger, contributing to several online platforms. Her first novel I Didn’t Expect to be Expecting was a humorous take on the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy and her second, Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd, a comedic thriller was picked up for a screen adaptation. Excess Baggage is her third book and is also headed to the big screen. She has authored anthologies, e-singles and audiobooks.

Book Cover:

Judging the book by its cover 🙂

The book Cover has 3 prime colours which create an effect of thriller and mystery. Black, Grey and Red.

The cover shows us ruins, headlights of a 4 wheeler and a man holding knife very firmly behind his back. As if he is hiding some malicious intention.

The cover just gives an idea that we are entering a twisted and crooked story but doesn’t reveal anything extra.

Plot/ Story Line:

What can possibly go wrong when fame and fortune come knocking? Plenty! We return to the charming and colourful lanes of Gwaltoli to revisit Prachand Tripathi, our favourite desi detective and owner of Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd. While he has progressed from locating lost pets and garments to problems of gravitas, their moderate fame doesn’t impress wife and CFO Vidya Tripathi who still complains about wasted potential and the tepid life they lead. As if on cue, an unusual but promising proposal comes their way, one they simply cannot refuse. It’s an invitation to oversee a film shoot based on their lives, whisking them away to the resplendent deserts of Rajasthan. What follows is an unbelievable and spine-chilling adventure that will drag them through a morass of inexplicable events, dangerous secrets and a cursed, abandoned village that wreaks havoc on the living and dead alike.

My Take:

The story is divided in 64 chapters. The story starts from Tripathi House and ends in the ruins of Kuldhara. The author gets a proposal about a movie being made on his life, but things don’t go as per his expectations.

Right from the cast chosen to play the characters of Prachanda and his wife Vidya as well as the Director are not favourites of the tripathi family.

Then starts the unexpected accidents and spooky acts. Prachanda gets strong companion to solve the mystery in form of Inspector Gupta.

What worked for me?

The Author has done a lot of research in terms of medical details. That’s commendable.

The character description is amazing. We can visualize how Bhushan or Yatish will look or how will Bhutaari baba behaves through the author’s words.

 Right from the Saas-Bahu banter between dadi and Rachna tripathi, to the portrayal of female inspector. I loved them all in The curse of Kuldhara.

Apart from the protagonist characters, my fav is chachu tripathi. He is very agile and ready to fling into action whenever required.

All the characters come together at the end, creating chaos which is funny yet relevant to the story.

What could have been better?

It could have been a little scarier. The mystery with horror could have given it an edge.

I liked the book; however I am not eligible to give rating to the book that has already been made into a web series.

Amazon link to buy is HERE!!

Thanks to #bookchatter book review program by The Blogchatter, for bringing this book my way.

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