You are currently viewing Apps for better relationship? Yes, they exist and they work too!! #MyFriendAlexa

Apps for better relationship? Yes, they exist and they work too!! #MyFriendAlexa

Mobile and internet are integral part of life. Right from daily chores to entertainment, for everything we have a go-to app on mobile. Why am I talking about mobile apps, in a series about Modern-Age relationship? That is because, I have researched and come up with a list of mobile apps that are for improving relationship. Mobile apps for better relationship.

Apps for better relationship?

Yes, in todays digital life, when we have a app for all the physical and mental needs then how can there be no relationship apps. Right from physical pleasure to relationship counselling, there is an app for everything. The following list will reduce your effort to wander through the app store. These are best apps in a particular category.

Kindu :

This app gives you romantic ideas. Franklin Innovations LLC helps you in spicing up bedroom desires. It works like cue cards, for example ‘Give your partner a royal treatment for a day’.

Pic : Google Play Store

Like these it offers countless romantic date ideas, bedroom activities and more. Your communication remains private and confidential, moreover before accepting or selecting an idea or desires you both can discuss. If it excites you both then implement.

The point is to have fun, do not go overboard. It should not make your better half feel punished. It’s worth a try.

It is available on for iOS as well as Android.

Love nudge:

It’s a mobile app for Moody Publishers limited. Its kind of a personal assistant for relationship. In the rut of day to day life, we forget to do sweet nothings. Giving gifts and showering praises for no particular reason. Love Nudge is a fun, habit-forming app that helps you intentionally express love in ways that are most meaningful to your partner. 

Pic: Google Play Store

You and your loved one can learn each other’s love languages, exchange encouraging and playful nudges, set and track activity goals, and monitor the levels of each other’s love tanks for better communication and intimacy. 

This app is available on Android as well as iOS.


As life is getting busy, it’s getting tough once you are in a traffic jam or getting late for dinner. Plus, tracking is convenient rather than keep calling to know live location of the person. Freshbits GmbH has come up with this mobile app.

Pic : Google Play Store

This is a GPS Location tracking app. Its convenient. Can be used by multiple users. Plus, the sharing can be defined for a certain period, say for 4 hrs or 1 hr etc. Pathshare will automatically stop sharing your location when the defined time expires.

It’s available on iOS as well as Android.


This is a Marriage counselling app, available on Android only. This is a relationship health program. The app has multiple series. Every series has multiple sessions.  Each session creates the space for you to reflect, unpack your thoughts, and discuss them with your partner. This enables you to understand one another better, work through disagreements, and connect in healthy ways. And it’s all based on decades of research.

apps for better relationship
Pic: Google Play Store

After a few free sessions, you have to do in app purchases to avail further sessions.

The app is available on google play store, its by The Knot.  


This is one of the most popular, for couple relationship. Between is a couples-only app where you can communicate more romantically and store precious memories easily with your loved one. It has a messenger just for two where you can use free emoticons and GIF selfies to chat more romantically!

Pic from :

You can store your photos, videos, and notes easily. Everything stays saved in Between even when you change phones!

This app is available on Android and iOS as well as PC. Its available for computer version.

More Such Apps

Not just these there are many apps for couple relationships. Like HoneyDew for financial management, Couplete for managing a wish list.

Happy Couple and Couple Game These apps are relationship quiz. You can ask each other questions and understand your partner better.

There are many relationship mobile apps for working on physical intimacy too.

Can apps for better relationship really work?

Apps are a medium or tool in achieving a result. Let’s say, you are using a app to get your groceries. This app can make the groceries reach you but the quality of them depends upon the product, seller and cost you have selected.

apps for better relationship
Apps can be a catalyst, but you are the element.

The point is, these apps can show you a way, or can work as a pinch of salt. But rest all is in our hand.

Few months back I have written a post on ‘ I love my husband, more than my kids’. He is my number one priority. I got many positive and comments on it. Do have a look.

What is your priority, where do you want to take your relationship is completely your journey. So hop on to the wagon of mobile apps for better relationship, choose what suits both of you, reject what doesn’t and carry on. After all the journey has to be beautiful, otherwise reaching the destination can be frustrating.

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  1. Swati Mathur

    This is interesting and I was not at all aware that such apps exists. Would love to know more about this.. Let me check out.

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    I never knew about these apps! I am not sure how much they will work, but then I belong to an older generation. Young couples now are more involved with their phones!

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    This was news to me. I never knew that there were apps to build better relationships too.

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    Wow! These sound exciting. Definitely checking them out. Thanks for the suggestions, Ujjwal.

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    What a fun list! Definitely seems interesting to explore, exp for tech geeks like me 🙂

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    Kindu and Love Language seem to be promising apps out of the two especially love language. Learning about your partner’s desires is an important step towards maintaining a healthy relationship.

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    Wow and I thought the apps only spoil relationships😝. I’m going to check out the wonderful apps:)

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    We have apps to remind us of our romantic ‘duties’! Wow 😀

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    This is very interesting. I had no idea about such apps.

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    You never disappoint with your posts Ujjwal. I didn’t know there were apps to strengthen relationships.

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