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Top 5 Positive things that Covid-19 taught us

Ever since the news about Corona virus and COVID1 broke out, the world has changed. It has changed for ever. It might have started outside India; however, we are fighting with this invisible enemy since end of January 2020. It really feels the new year never started or started with a bad omen. The uncertain future and unprecedented environment helped only negativity to flourish initially.

I do not think even a single human being is untouched by COVID19 as of today. Some have been directly and most of us have been indirectly. Everyone is fighting their own battles, big or small whatsoever. There is lack of amenities, unemployment, movement restrictions due to lockdown and all the negative affect it is having on the world economy. Some are even predicting that it is going south, further than the Great depression.

But humans are gritty souls. God has made them strong to take the challenges head on and using their strength and wisdom humans will overcome any problem. Staying positive is a choice that we have to make, to survive. We have been taught to look at the positive side in adversities too. So here I am making all of us count at least 5 good things or 5 good changes that COVID1 has brought us closer to.

Top 5 Things Corona Virus or COVID-1 gave us

1. Relief from Pollution:

It is not very long ago that we were worried about our health due to the heavy smog and pollution level. On one of the day’s when the AQI reached 1500. It was beyond the AQI scale of measurement which is only till 500. I remember, Our vision was blurred even inside house. And me and my husband rushed to buy air purifier. With the lockdown in action, most of the industries are closed, people are not on road with vehicles even the public transport is closed. All this had brought the AQI level as low as Good and moderate.

We can go to work and all only if we survive from pollution.

Not just the air pollution but even the rivers are cleaner. They have revived themselves and cleaned up their ecosystem in the last 60 days. We all have seen pictures of river Yamuna before and after the lockdown. The river got cleaned, it cleaned better than what the government does by spending lakhs of rupees.

This is not just the case in India but all over the world. The stink of Venice water is gone, the water is fresh and even Dolphins have returned.

2. Enhanced Culinary skill:

I do not remember when the last time before lockdown, that I experimented so much with my culinary skills. Like many I watched cookery shows, recipes of different dished on internet but hardly tried any. The reason was many, there was so much more to do.

I will tell you honestly, ladies are not cooking because they love to cook. They are cooking to keep the families occupied. With everyone at home, I am sure your grocery bills have gone up many folds like mine, but that’s ok. Binge eating surely helps us in staying positive. Ladies keep experimenting and family is happy eating, if not eating at least by judging the dish they are staying away from negativity and stress.

All the ladies I know have tried making Jalebi, cakes, samosa and even Golgappe at home.

Believe me they do not do it for fun, or because they do not have anything better to do. They do it so that the family gets something interesting in otherwise boring days.

3. Quality time with Family:

All the old board games are out, kids are seen playing and being more active inside house like never before. We can see families binge watching together, there are planned movie times for entire family. People are taking up long lost hobbies like gardening, cooking, singing, and dancing. Families are jamming inside home.

I have never done so much of craft and artwork even as a child that I have done with kids now. Thankfully, we had so many things at home from which we could create something.

Basically, all homes are happy homes.

Carom, Ludo may be offline or online. With immediate family, extended family or with friends. The important aspect is staying connected. Knowing that everyone is doing good, they are safe and bonding over these little chats, games, and video calls. Thanks to the robust telecom infrastructure of our country that with a sudden stress on the bandwidth it did not crumble. Otherwise it would have been further boring.

4. Humanity at its best:

Humans are humans because they have compassion, empathy, and selfless attitude. Along the 21st century, in the race of life we were losing it somewhere. CoVID-19 has made us realize that our life does not depend just on us but on the entire society. If we have to survive this pandemic, it is possible only when we think about larger community and fight it as ‘we’ and not just I.

We have so many people from different backgrounds working tirelessly, without caring about their own safety. So that we can get what we want, and we can live inside our houses.

The delivery guys, doctors, nurses, police, sanitation workers, social workers and so many commoners doing best to their capacity.

People are giving free shelter, dry ration, food, monetary donations what every they can to best of their capabilities. I see people coming out just to feed stray animals, keeping water outside gate for all animals and birds. This is what God made humans intelligent for, therefore he gave us emotions and capacity to think.

5. It took us closer to God:

We all always prayed, irrespective of our religion. That is what is taught to us since childhood. Have you felt lately that since the life has become so much unpredictable, unsafe and things are so scary you pray more frequent? And you pray with more heart, vigour, and faith in it? There are no places of worship open, but still prayers are gone up. We want our family to be safe. All of us, the entire human race should get over this pandemic with least possible damage, we pray not just for self but for entire mankind.

God is with us, we have faith that the almighty will take us out safely.

He will, we as humans just need to follow the steps and advisory issued by the government to protect ourselves from this pandemic. When we keep ourselves safe, we keep people around us safe, and in turns we can keep the entire world safe.

This is the real proof that one person can bring a huge change, and in this case that person is you.

Do add if you think there are more positive things that COVID19 has brought to us. Or positive changes it caused in our life.

One of the things still come to my mind is due to humans being locked in homes, animals are happier lot and reclaiming what was there’s always. Have your seen viral videos of deer in Kerala, Neel gai in Noida and Kangaroos hopping on the streets of Australia. There are many such on internet.

Everyone has a different reaction, even if we all are in same situation. Do not forget to check out a great post by Gurjeet, where she speaks about new challenges and how do we handle them.

Enjoy your life, these days and this opportunity of spending quality time is never going to come again in life. Think Positive, stay home stay safe.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Beautifully put Ujjwal. Yes, COVID-19 is one such situation that none of us would have dreamt of. But now when we are experience it everyday, and we don’t know when this will be over, it is better to change our outlook.

    I have understood one thing for sure that it all depends on one’s will power. We can and we will attitude can give us a ray of hope in any tough situation.

  2. Chaitanya lele

    Beautifully described……. I agree with you on the part that no one is untouched in this battle and everyone is fighting there own battles on some level!!!!

  3. Sundeep

    Yes! I am getting more time to spend quality time with my family. I have become a good cook. Saved a lot of unused money.

    1. Docdivatraveller

      I absolutely agree with you. In fact I included all these points in an Insta post. AQI levels have dropped drastically!

  4. Anahita Irani

    Oh yes, I can relate to all your five points. Even though I can away from my family I am closer to them via video calls and phone chats.

    1. Varsh

      I’m so glad that you highlighted the positive takeaways from the Covid experience. It has enabled us to do things that we usually are too busy for and given nature the time to heal too.

  5. Jinal

    So true, it has also given. lot of time to self reflect and find out what we want in reality.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    I am so glad you have chosen to focus on the positive aspect of these difficult times. I agree with everything, though I must admit, I still haven’t polished my culinary skills!

  7. Jhilmil D Saha

    Thats a wonderfully composed article about the lessons we have taken out of this pandemic. Yes, humanity it is at the end and we have always neglected this aspect till now.

  8. Subhashish Mandal

    Great compilation of our lives changing for the better and how we need to see..learn..believe..share and become more aware and connected souls. Will share this to some of my more complaining freinds 🙂🙂

  9. Hansa Kajaria

    It’s sad that the world has been hit by a pandemic and big and small rich or poor no one is spared from its effect. Some have been badly impacted some have been doing fine. I mostly feel sad for migrant workers who are the main work force. But again looking at the positive side the earth is getting time to heal it self.

  10. Abha

    Sure covid 19 taught us so many things. This is a wonderful article filled with positivity and hope. I agree that we all are learning new things during this time.

  11. Ishieta

    Upon reflection, I agree with 4 of your 5 insights. I just feel that pollution levels have dropped for now, but it is a momentary relief and wont be something with long lasting positive affect once the lockdowns lift completely and vehicles are back on the road.
    It will be sustainable only if we have alternate plans in place.

    1. Surbhi prapanna

      Such a beautiful post ujjwal and I m feeling so positive after reading it. Indeed this tough time has taught a lot to all of us and I had felt similar experience during this time. Specially cooking has become an interesting activity and due to this lockdown, first time my husband has entered in kitchen for making something. Now girls are also learning cooking.

  12. Raksha

    That’s really good that you are looking into positivity at these times. Very important. I am just struggling with these difficult times. I think I need to start noting down the positive things that have happened past few months too.

  13. Rahul Prabhakar

    Thanks for the lovely read yet again. One of the things I’ve learned effectively during Covid19 is to be sincere towards work. I have a full-time day job and I try to remain committed to it.

  14. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Love all the points you made, Ujjwal. As for me I have had more than enough of family and cooking!:)))) Luckily Covid taught me patience as well, else I would have lost my mind till now:))

  15. Smitha N

    This covid19 has thought us many things to adjust… Giving up things which we were used to… It was a great write up can say every individual words have been put up…

  16. Snigdha

    You are right Alpana . Because of Lock down and covid 19 , we human started value our own relation and life too. All the five things you have mentioned are right..

    1. Snigdha

      Sorry .. it’s not alpana, it’s Ujjwal

  17. Snigdha

    Sorry .. it’s not alpana, it’s Ujjwal

  18. Neha Sharma

    Very well said, Ujwal. Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it both cons and pros and I agree with all the positive things you have mentioned here.

  19. Dr Bushra

    Agree that covid 19 had impacted our lives in positive ways also. Where pollution has reduced, and getting time to spend with family.

  20. Roma

    Very thoughtful and positive post my dear if only everyone practiced this gratitude buddy. You have So resonated my thoughts here

  21. Neha Jain

    Thanks for sharing this post, apart from all negativity there is positive side too we all are having family time with working on our forgotten skills

  22. Amrit Kaur

    I agree with your pointers, the main thing covid taught us to be happy with limited resources and things. We all needed this to understand lately.

  23. Jyoti Jha

    Corona did bring to us some positive aspects of our co-existence in this sphere. You have penned down some wonderful pointers that boost our morale and helps in coping up the situation better.

  24. Swarnali Nath

    It was a wise read Jyoti. Loved every bit of it and this post is something we would love to cherish forever. These are our memorable things.

  25. Swarnali Nath

    Sorry my mistake. It was a lovely post Ujjwal. ❤❤

  26. Cindy Dsilva

    For me, culinary skills are new. I have made cake so many times just to get that lava flowing out of the chocolava cake.

  27. Akanksha Singh

    I love how you have posted out such basic things that we usually forget to acknowledge.. improved culinary skills definitely a big add on during this pandemic. Also how to manage everything on your own without any househelp .

  28. Gurjeet Chhabra

    True, your post remind me of my past days. Enjoy cooking and making my daughter bake. Enjoy blue sky and starry nights

  29. Arushi Seth

    I completely agree with all your points. Though I did not work on my culinary skills, I know many who did. We all did what we could not in normal times, yet mother earth healed. Loved your post

  30. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Could very well relate to the points that you had mentioned. Such a lovely write up.

  31. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Agree yo all the pointers in the post Ujjwal. Yes we are understanding value of the things at very huge cost. Hope all is well soon.

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