You are currently viewing Trip to you favorite place! Dream about zoo, museum and even to adventure park. Have you been there? #atozchallenge

Trip to you favorite place! Dream about zoo, museum and even to adventure park. Have you been there? #atozchallenge

Trips, picnics, holidays, or vacations whatever we call them they mostly bring happiness, adventure and a break from the daily rut.

Just a week before COVID19 lockdown was imposed in India, we were back from our Goa vacation. A vacation followed by a lockdown had affected my younger one very badly. she has been in house arrest for almost two months no.

These dreams about going to somewhere are related to Career. These types of dreams represented, that a lot is good might happen on the work front and for that you will have to put extra efforts, walk and extra mile and keep transparent communication.

In your dream when you see having a safe trip it means you will be successful.

If you meet any accident represents that you will face hardship, and the next few days or month will not be very smooth.

The place you are visiting in your dream is a famous place, indicates that there are many good opportunities and good future is in store.

Such dreams also mean that you are having a burn out. You are doing lot of hard work in your waking life and yearning for a break.

Going on a jungle safari means that others will be helpful towards you.

Seeing a Zoo in dream:

We all have visited zoo. Our family is very font of visiting such places and we make sure to cover zoo’s in every city we visit.

We have seen many jokes during this lockdown period about being caged like zoo animals. In dreams Zoo generally represent cage. It means you are feeling Trapped, freedom lost. Unable to walk freely on your own will.

Good part of this dream is that you have a lot of free time and can considered it to resolve family matters and relax.

I would like to mention on particular animal Tiger:

When you see a tiger in your dreams, not in a zoo rather one walking freely. I chose tiger as one of their characteristics is Protecting cubs,

Tiger means Command, authority, ferociousness.

When you see a tiger in your dreams it is a sign that the situation demands you to be brave. You will be taking risk to protect loved ones.

When you see Being attacked by the tiger:

This type of dreams means that, the problems or tough situation that is going to arise will be due to your decision in past.

You killing a tiger:

These dreams win triumph, power. You feel that you can take over everything, any challenge any situation. This is not a bad feeling until you are humble as well and do not get power drunk.

Tiger as your pet:

Wild animals are wild and domesticating them is not usual. When you see a tiger as pet, it means you have unrealistic expectations from yourself and from the situations.

Seeing An aquarium in dream:

Aquarium is a beautiful place. So many colourful aquatic animals, swimming on their own without a threat. These dreams are a reflection of your own calm and protective nature. You are happy in your own space without any threats.

Visiting Museum in dream:

At least once we have all been to museums in waking life. These places are stuffed with Culture, history and art. Lot of artifacts, weapons and habitat at that time is explained well at the museum.

Visiting a museum in dreams mean that you are ready to learn from the past or old people. You have gained knowledge and can share your life experiences and advice to others. You are ready to welcome new people in waking life.

Visiting Amusement park:

We all visit Amusement parks for Fun, adventure and relax a bit. There can be many amusement parks, water park and adventure parks. They are thrilling, giving adrenaline rush and making us relax.

When the ride is Unpleasant:

Once you sit in a ride and do not find it pleasant rather you are scared but cannot get out is a feeling of trapped, scared, out of control. Same is the interpretations of dream.

Big amusement park:

If you are in a huge amusement park it means that you have more opportunities to pick and choose as compared to a small amusement park.

Rollercoaster with someone you know:

A Rollercoaster ride represents your relationship with the Person riding with you. It shows the ups and downs with them. You enjoy the ride and the company but still you both are nervous and scared about falling down.

Steven Spielberg movie

As we are talking about trips, the movie I would suggest you catch up is ‘The Terminal’. It stars one of my favourite actors Tom Hanks. The story is about the journey of life, waiting for someone special and gives us a perspective that every bodies journey is very different and guided by destiny. It’s a Steven Spielberg movie. The story line is that Viktor Navorski gets stranded at an airport when a war rages in his country. He is forced by the officials to stay at the airport until his original identity is confirmed. And why he visits the USA and what is he hiding in a can of peanuts, is a mystery for you to decode. It is a heart touching movie.

That’s all for today, tomorrow we have letter U, and I am planning to write about the Uber cool mythical characters like Dragons and Unicorns visiting us in our dreams.

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  1. Gurjeet Chhabra

    These are amazing interpretation . Yes I have went to zoo , museum in dreams.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    I have never dreamt of any of these things! Such interesting information!

  3. Arushi Seth

    Very interesting. I am not sure if I ever had any such dreams because I hardly remember any. The interpretations are amazing I must say and I never thought it would be like this

  4. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    At last a dream that I could relate to having. Took a lot of learning from this so next time I dream I m aware of what it is about

  5. David

    Hi Ujjwal,

    A fascinating challenge. In all honesty, I’m skeptical about dream interpretation, but you have an excellent series of posts on the subject, and I’m looking forward to following up. I think there might be some writing ideas in here.

    I’ll be giving your challenge a shout out on my own blog.

    @Breakerofthings from
    Fiction Can Be Fun
    Calling by as an A2Z supporter

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      That is so nice of you. Looking forward to stay connected post AtoZ as well. Last year I wrote a fiction, this year with this COVID19 chocking mental bandwidth, chose a non-fictional topic.

  6. Roma

    Yet again a great read buddy. I am really getting enriched about my dreams each day

  7. Kinshoo Agrawal

    Wow who could have thought dreaming about zoos and museums can mean so much. Interesting to read about tiger.

    1. Ujjwal Mishra

      glad you liked it 🙂

  8. Sundeep

    This is really very interesting. But to be very honest I never saw tiger, zoo and museum in my dream. But I saw other wild animals in my dream.

  9. Raksha

    Very interesting post and interpretations. I have never been to a zoo or a museum in my dream. Makes me think now.

  10. Subhashish Mandal

    As usual a dream walk into ideas and imaginations as one reads your writings..the tiger chapter seems rather intriguing although I havent seen that in my dream..I think. But musesum yes but that is maybe from my studies and architecture love

  11. Jinal

    Hahahah my husband will be very happy to read this. I somehow can’t believe in it and I don’t even remember my dreams

  12. Hansa Kajaria

    This was a very interesting read. However I’ve not had any of these in my dreams but I love to interpret my dreams n I have at times even searched the meaning my dreams of Google 🤦‍♀️

  13. Abha

    Very interesting post again about dreams. I never saw such dreams. But good to know about this for our future dreams.

  14. Rahul Prabhakar

    I have never dreamt about Zoo, Museum, or Adventure Park, but I do remember my favorites in real life. After your post on dreams about reptile, it was a mere coincidence that I also had a dream about snake. It wasn’t necessarily a good dream though, as I hate snakes!

  15. Pallavi watermark

    Superb post though I havent seen any such thing in my dreams yet ,but I would like to know I keep seeing a person in my dreams what does that mean?

  16. This is such a great idea. I am planning to travel through a great deal of places such as, zoos, museum, etc.

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