You are currently viewing Two most eye catching hashtags of Tiktok #Atmanirbhar and #MatKarForward

Two most eye catching hashtags of Tiktok #Atmanirbhar and #MatKarForward

I am sure there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about TikTok.

The trending videos from TikTok are flashing everywhere. From all social media channels to news channels.

They are funny and witty. I am not a TikTok user (or a TikToker), but still, as a family, we were so impressed by the ‘Hand challenge’ that we attempted it and my son even posted a  video. That is the end of my short TikTok journey. TikTok has given a platform to countless people to show their .talent in various fields from acting, singing to art, and cooking. I am sure in a day you see at least one TikTok video for sure, and it brings some joy and laughter to everyone. It is one app that you can like or dislike but cannot ignore.


With the dismay of COVID19 in our lives, our ‘normal’ has changed, and we are confined to our homes. In such a difficult time, rumors can play a very major role in keeping or destroying the peace and harmony of society. I am talking about COVID19 and TikTok at the same time because, recently I have seen the campaign video starring Virat Kohli, Kriti Sanon, Ayushman Khurana where they spoke about the initiative #MatkarForward.


If a video or message is misleading, unlawful or harmful – #MatKarForward @Sara Ali Khan @kritisanon @Ayushmann Khurrana

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This makes a lot of sense right now. Misinformation & fake news can be as menacing as the current health threats we are facing. This is a great step. It reflects that the brand has accepted the social responsibility of controlling the spreading of rumors.

With the reach and inclusivity this app shows, such initiatives are very helpful, and involving celebrities always works. Apart from this, another initiative that the brand had undertaken is to support the frontline workers to fight against COVID19. The brand, in the recent past, has donated funds towards the safety of our front liners.


Another tag that I found interesting on this platform is #atmanirbhar People have derived hilarious meanings of this word and are leaving no stones unturned to create engaging and entertaining videos for the audience. Right from the patriotic appeal of fellow citizens to making our country #atmanirbhar and entertaining and explaining family and friends, everything is so engaging. The best part of these videos is that they are short and easy to make. The variety and different takes on the same topic make the user journey interesting.

There are so many videos and so many people using and sharing this app. If you have not checked it out yet, hurry up! And whether you use Tiktok or not, stop spreading rumors. Think multiple times before forwarding a piece of news. Check with the source about the credibility of the news. It is ok not to share information about which you are not sure whether it’s true or rumors. Be #atmanirbhar and #matkarforward are the pillars of a safe and happy life in COVID time.

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