Uber cool visitors like Unicorn, dragons and more. In your dreams of course!!! #AtoZchallenge

Uber cool visitors like Unicorn, dragons and more. In your dreams of course!!! #AtoZchallenge

We are about to complete the AtoZchallenge. Thanks to all of you my readers for your support and encouraging comments that has kept me afloat. We have spoken about so many types of dreams. I am sure some of your dreams should have been interpreted by now.

Today we will talk about some Uber cool things. Things that leave us amazed and are rare.

We have all heard many stories about these creatures and people. Let’s see what do the dreams involving Dragons, Unicorn, UFO’s and famous celebrities mean.

Dragon in your dream:

Dragons are mythological creatures. They look like huge snakes with wings. We see them in many movies and stories. Sometimes they are the good guys and sometimes they are not.

In Chinese or Oriental culture these creatures are worshiped. The are the symbol of strength, wisdom, knowledge and many magical superpowers. They are free willed, Untamed and can be troublesome as well.

Dreams where you see dragons signify that Creativity, communication and emotions are high. It might also be handling daily stress.

Dreams can be very creative and colourful. We can have any color of dragon in our dream. I will mention 2 of them here.

When you see a red dragon:

Red is a color of passion, it means your emotions are superseding your mind. When you see a red dragon in your dream it may be a sign that your intuition is strong, and you should trust your psychic powers.

Black dragon in your dreams:

Black dragons are seen in many Chinese scriptures. They mean strength, good fortune. When you see a black dragon in your dream it might be a sigh that you are being powerful, most probably in your professional life

Unicorn In your dreams:

My daughter has unicorn everywhere right from her pencil box to her clothes. There is a story in bible that why we do not have unicorns in real life. When all the animals were on Noah’s ark to save their life, Unicorns were busy playing. Hence, we do not have them anymore. Sad,

These creatures represent cleanness, magic, happiness, and something unique or rare.

When they visit your dream, they bring lots of good luck. Good fortune for family, health and well as work related.

But this also means that you need to be alert and conscious and grab the opportunity at the right time. You will get good fortune only if you are paying attention and board the ship on time.

Seeing an UFO in dream:

We have seen many documentaries about people seeing UFO’s. still we are not sure, but it’s good to think that we have some friendly neighbours in the galaxy.

When we see a UFO in our dreams it signifies that we feel a connection with people with power. We are open to explore and accept the completely unknown world.

If you specifically see a silver spaceship it might means that communication, richness, calmness is your current state of mind.

Famous Actor in your dream:

I never had such dreams. I am not sure what will I do if king khan or Mr. Bachhan pay a visit in my dream. I know people line up outside their houses to just have one look of then in real.

When we see actors without being gender specific, we are in a phase of accepting Emotional responsibility. We are relating ourselves to the role they have essayed a father, sister, partner it can be anything where we think we are doing a great job. It is kind of appreciation of our Accomplishments in waking life.


That’s all for today, tomorrow I will see you with Validations- why we need them, who does them better.

As far as for a binge watch, I would suggest ‘How to train your dragon’ is an amazing series of 3 movies.

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  1. Avani

    So informative!

  2. PraGun

    I have yet to experience these uber cool, unique guests in my dreams yet. Seems I need to sleep on time so they come over haha.

  3. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Seems like fantasy dream code ,secret open. I wish I had some dream.like this . But I have lot of celebrity dreams.

  4. Noor Anand Chawla

    I had a strange dream last night but because it was about people in my life, it was relatively easy to interpret!

  5. Arushi Seth

    I guess I don’t sleep enough to get dreams I can uncode. Haha. Another fascinating post. Thanks for sharing

  6. Roma

    Wow ujjwal you have even categorised dragon dreams as red and black ones. These posts are so damn exhaustive

  7. Kinshoo Agrawal

    I had no clue that dragons and unicorns in dreams would have so significant meanings. Thnx.

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