You are currently viewing Book Review: Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea – An Honest Memoir with Strengths and Shortcomings

Book Review: Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea – An Honest Memoir with Strengths and Shortcomings

Book Review: Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea
Genre: Non-Fiction/ Autobiograhy/ Memior
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Total Pages: 400
Author: Indrani Mukherjea

Unbroken by Indrani Mukerjea

About the Author: “Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea

Indrani Mukerjea is an India-born British media baron. From founding INX Services Private Limited in Kolkata to co-founding and leading INX Media in Mumbai, Indrani’s journey in the media business makes for a great story of entrepreneurial spirit. The Wall Street Journal acknowledged her remarkable contributions by including her in their prestigious list of ‘50 Women to Watch’. Committed to promoting fairness, justice and rehabilitation within the prison system, Mukerjea has embraced philanthropy and is actively engaged in improving the lives of prison inmates in undertrial prisons. She can be found at @indranimukerjea on Instagram.

Book Cover:

The cover of the book has Indrani’s picture and along with her name and title of the book, you will see ‘The Untold Story’ all in CAPS, it clearly states that this book is all about her. she will tell her side of the story. Indrani, has been judged many times, and now she is simply going to tell her part, without any qualms.

How is the Book: “Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea

“Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea offers an intimate and often harrowing glimpse into the life of a woman who found herself at the center of a high-profile murder case. The book explores her traumatic childhood, turbulent relationships, and her time behind bars. It provides valuable insights into her personal journey, there are areas where it shines and others where it falls short.

Writing Style: “Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea

The first few chapters of the Book are very gripping, its like a “not put downable” thriller, however later part becomes very mundane. The story keeps toggling between present and past, which gives the reader a lead to keep reading ahead.

The English language and words used are good, for a few words I had to google.

What Worked:

Raw Honesty: One of the book’s strengths is its unflinching honesty. Mukerjea does not shy away from addressing the darkest chapters of her life, including her experiences of abuse and trauma. This rawness allows readers to connect with her on a deeply human level.

Accessibility: The language and narration style are accessible and easy to follow. Mukerjea’s storytelling flows smoothly, and she effectively conveys her emotions and experiences. This accessibility makes the book engaging for a wide range of readers.

Relevant Social Commentary: The book raises critical questions about gender bias, societal judgments, and the conditions within Indian prisons. Mukerjea’s perspective sheds light on these issues, offering readers a chance to reflect on broader social concerns.

What Could have been better:

Lack of Focus: One of the book’s notable drawbacks is its lack of focus on the central murder case involving Sheena Bora. While it is understandable that legal constraints may limit the author’s ability to discuss certain details. However the book often feels like it skirts around the most critical events and fails to provide a comprehensive account.

Character Portrayal: The book tends to portray other individuals in a negative light, often characterizing them solely by their flaws or mistakes. A more balanced portrayal of these characters would have added depth to the narrative.

Final Word: “Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea

In conclusion, “Unbroken” by Indrani Mukerjea is a memoir that offers a candid look into the author’s life, addressing important social issues along the way. Its strengths lie in its honesty and accessible language. However, the lack of focus on the murder case and one-sided character portrayals are areas that could have been improved to create a more well-rounded narrative. Despite its shortcomings, the book serves as an intriguing piece of a larger puzzle and may inspire readers to seek out alternative perspectives on the case.

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    People are eager to learn more about Mrs. Indrani Mukerjea and the true story that led to the unfortunate incident that landed her behind bars. Limited information is currently available on Google. I believe the book will attract a wide readership.

    Ujjwal Mishra’s review appears to be impartial and well-balanced, indicating a thorough reading of the book.

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