You are currently viewing Unloved in love, a great piece of storytelling by Rituparna Ghosh #bookchatter

Unloved in love, a great piece of storytelling by Rituparna Ghosh #bookchatter

Book Review: Unloved in Love

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Publisher: Reedomania

Total Pages: 288

Author: Rituparna Ghosh

About the Author:

Rituparna has a diploma in Novel Writing from the London School of Journalism. A proud infertility survivor, she currently stays in Reading, UK, with her husband, son, and cat. She works as a Transformational Life Coach. She also holds an MBA from IIT Madras and has had a successful career in research and analytics for almost ten years. In her own words ‘My first novel ‘Unloved in Love’ is my heartfelt attempt to give the world a story where regular, common, imperfect people fall in love.’

Review: Unloved in Love


I cover of the book is bright. Yellow and blue combination. Clearly tells that this story is about a girl who loved to play guitar and a boy who has a cat. However, this love story isn’t as simple as the cover. One more character should have been there, is what I think. As the story has 3 lead characters. 2 boys one girl and lot of confusion in between them.


The story has three people. Kiara Sen, Karan Shergill and Kyle wolf.

Kiara feels she is unloved as her mother always keeps reinforcing the thought that she is an accidental child and not a planned one. Her only driving force is to prover her mother wrong and make an amazing start-up called Bottomsup. Her father supports her in best of his capacity. She lacks self-love and underestimates her own worth.

Karan shergill, has a disturbed childhood. Separation of his parents at a tender age has left him scarred physically as well as mentally. He is known for being a playboy, till he fell head over heel for Kiara. He is a lawyer, photographer and a great friend. No matter how much he runs from Kiara, but ‘Dil hai ke manta nahi’ is his state.

Kyle wolf, parents everywhere have some expectations from their offspring’s. It’s not just Desi parents’ passion. Kyle, whose dad is a businessman in London, wants his son to do and behave as instructed. And the fight of standing for himself and obliging his father, confuses Kyle himself as well as tangles all the relationships around him.

My Take:

One book that I read fastest. This book and the story will keep you glues. you would yearn to know what happens next in the story of Karan, Kyle and Kiara. Three people whose stories are intertwined. Loved the way of writing, its first person for all three main characters. you understand and relate well with the setup and even the set of parents through the authors words.

Modern age relationships are complicated, mostly because of the higher egos. This story also deals with the little grey part of every character. I liked the friendship between Kiara and Saloni.

Not just the names of the characters even the twist and turns of the story are ‘Ekta Kapoor’ style. Lot of drama.

What I loved-

The language is simple. Character’s get their own space to connect with the readers.

The narration is very relatable. I like the way all characters speak directly in first person to the reader, so that we know what and why they took such a decision.

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  1. Rituparna Ghosh

    Hi Ujjwal, Thank you so much for giving UIL a read and your kind words! I am so glad that you enjoyed the book <3

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