You are currently viewing Validation about dreams- waking and sleeping life. Do we need validate our dreams? #atozchallenge

Validation about dreams- waking and sleeping life. Do we need validate our dreams? #atozchallenge

We have Dreams in waking life as well as in sleeping life. Both these dreams can be unbelievable for others, but its you who had experienced and will be living it. So, do we really need someone else to validate our dreams?

For dreams about your waking life, you do not need any bodies validation for them. They are all yours.  Even if people around even your family thinks they are unrealistic or unachievable they are always worth giving a try. If you succeed you will be happy and by chance if you don’t then you will be happy and won’t have a regret of not trying.

About your night dreams, knowing the dreams better will give you peace of mind. Some dreams are scary, weird and look meaningless but there might be some indication about future events. So, its better to understand your dreams else they might keep hovering you.

There are some people who study dreams for years. There are a few universities which have courses in dream interpretations. I know, you might be hearing it for the first time, but yes there are qualified people who can help you understand your dreams in detail. As many dreams can help you improve, enrich and transform your life. Most of these courses are online and for short period of 10-12 weeks.

So next time if you come across someone who is a professional dream validator, don’t be surprised.

Today I want to cover just one type of dreams ‘Victory’

Victory could possibly be mental, emotional or physical. The result remains same satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

People see battles, race, cat fights or even with a bad habit any incident or situation which can give you sense of happiness.

Few years back doctor recommended me for a weight loss. Rather to have physically active lifestyle. Once I had a dream during my weight loss journey. I was going to gym, doing intermittent fasting and was nearing to my recommended weight in waking life. Although there were few more Kgs to lose, but a dream about reaching the ideal weight and seeing myself as I was looking to get fit, boosted my confidence and encouraged me in waking like.

So, victory can be small or large but the effect on waking life is same. We should not look up to anyone else for validation. The goals are set for us by us, so why do we need someone else to validate our dreams.

When ever you have victory dreams, enjoy them and if you remember them in waking life try to relate it and get ready for happy times.

validate our dreams

There are many movies about winning in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Even animated movies are great like Disney Cars. My todays recommendation ins a 2004 Clint Eastwood movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’. The movie teaches that for a victory what we need is Grit, determination and sacrifice.

Enjoy this. We are just 4 blogs away to finish this challenge successfully. Thanks to all the readers for staying with me and encouraging. This is no less than a dream come true.

You can follow this entire series from the first post, ‘All About you dreams’

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  1. Arushi Seth

    Interesting post. I did not know people interpreted your dreams. I really need a recorder so that i can decode them. Thanks for writing these posts

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    A very unique take on your theme for the letter V. We do unfortunately look for validation, even for our dreams!

  3. A very informative and different post, Ujjwal. I read a post some time back about what different dreams mean and now this. I’m learning a lot through this A2Z.
    Thank you and a Happy A2Z 🙂

  4. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes dream interpretation is an amazing subject and I would also learn it in depth. your series was super awesome..though I had not read all posts but those I had read, found extremely informative and you did a great job and hard work for making this series useful and informative for readers. hats off and many congrats.

  5. Sundeep

    If you don’t believe in the validity of your own dream, who else will? Thanks for writing about this interesting topic. And it is really good to know that there are people who interpreted your dreams.

    1. Monidipa

      I have heard of dream interpretation and I want to learn it too. For myself if not for others. But I don’t know how accurate these interpretations are.

    2. Saumya Chaudhary

      Oh wow that’s so deep. I also look for validation of my dreams and here you have given such positive perception to relate those dreams. Thanks

    3. Vinayak Koranga

      Your words are just sooo amazing.they are truly energising and motivating how big or truly a dream may seem but they are our dream. And yes we do not need anyone’s validation for that.
      At last I liked the movie recommendation would love to watch it

  6. Subhashish Mandal

    In your challenge this letter interpretation is so unexpected and insightful….who know and the decoding of thoughts and dreams in life is such a realm of unknown. Thank u for this journey of discovery

  7. Docdivatraveller

    Dreams are such intriguing aspects of a person. I am a sound sleeper but suddenly I just dream of death!

  8. Abha

    Waking life dreams are precious. I think dreams that we see in our sleep are just a reflection of our real life experiences. Interesting and inspiring post.

  9. Rahul Prabhakar

    We should never try to validate our dreams – no matter how real they may seem. Even with all its merits, dreams aren’t real.

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