You are currently viewing Water, Water Everywhere!! Showing its true color, so that you can see yours! #AtoZchallenge

Water, Water Everywhere!! Showing its true color, so that you can see yours! #AtoZchallenge

Water is life. We have heard it so many times and I am sure you believe in it too. Water is a reason why earth is habitable planet. In fact, an adult human body is 60% water. Water is so important then how is it possible that we won’t see it in our dreams. I had many occasions to cover this topic earlier in this series. This topic is so vast that it would have been unjust to cram it up somewhere. Water needs a full article. Water dreams can be from being thirsty to getting drowned in a flood. You can see waterfalls, sea, ocean or it might be getting locked inside a dam. It can be vast.

Let the water games begin:

In some old dream interpretation books, seeing water in dreams mean you are going to fall sick. Depending on state of the water violent or calm the gravity of sickness will occur.

Water dream are deeply related to your emotional status. Water is as free flowing, shapeless and changing just like our emotions. Water dreams generally mean a new beginning, purity, fertility and creativity.

Seeing calm water body indicates that you have inner peace. Which surely is a good sign.

You are thirsty in your dream:

If you see yourself having water to quench your thirst and the water is readily available, you do not have to struggle to get it indicates that you are in a satisfying and balance relationship.

Dirty Water:

When you see yourself having dirty water can imply that all is not well in your relationship, rather you are unhappy right now, compromising more that required to maintain the emotional bond or balance in the relationship.

In fact, seeing dirty water in any form may be a pool where you are swimming, a lake that has dirty water can have negative meaning. It means your mind is not at ease, there is angst, lack of clarity and confusion.

You are Swimming:

Swimming is a good exercise and a leisure activity most people enjoy. When you see yourself swimming in dream what does it mean.

The water is clean and clear

When the water is clean and you see yourself having a good time, enjoying and relaxing while swimming indicates that you are being optimistic and have many reasons to be relaxed and happy.

When you are swimming in clean water but are very tired means you are unable to handle your current task at hand or situation and are left overwhelmed or exhausted.

When there is a Tsunami, flood and/or drowning:

The drowning dream can be with or without flood, however the interpretation is more or less same, hence I clubbed all three of them.

This is more of your emotional state than just a dream. You see yourself drowning when you are in deep trouble. Emotionally for sure and may be financially too. There might be legal cases going out of control, huge loss of money, debt, depression, feeling worthless all of these can make you get such dreams.

Although drowning is a slow process, where as a flood or tsunami means something is going to hit you and shock you badly. It can come in a flash and catch you totally unprepared. Better be prepared for it. Should not take risky financial decisions and work on increasing meant capabilities and positivity in life. There is also a potent danger that can break lifelong relationships, family ties would suffer. So be honest with your family and stay alert if you are getting any such dreams.

We might not remember random dreams when we et up however we surely remember nightmares. So that you can understand the warning and work for betterment.

Walking on water:

Sure, dreams give you all the superpowers you like. You can even walk on water and fly in sky.

These dreams mean that your mind and heart are well coordinated. You have a good self-image, lot of self-confidence and are in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Seeing a waterbody:

Water body can be a lake, dam, sea, ocean. The larger the water body, more are the opportunities and challenges. If the water is calm with no movement is a good sign. This indicates that you have no hovering problem or emotional disturbances. Things are well balanced.

If there are waves, unsettled water or rough see indicates worries. It means you are holding your emotions back and not expressing yourself freely. It also means there might be a challenge but your are ready to accept and deal with it.

Being on a Beach:

In February end we came back from goa, before going there I had so many beach dreams. However, the beach dreams also are about your emotional status. If you see yourself on a quite in fact man less beach, it implies that you are connecting with yourself. Its more spiritual than what we think when we say beach. These dreams mean enjoyable time is stored in future.

Playing in water, jumping in puddles, playing in rain all indicate that you are free of any emotional burden right now. You can enjoy every moment. It also signifies that you might be entering new work assignments or new relationship. And you are ready for it.

That’s all for water today. Now its only 3 posts X, Y and Z. They journey comes to end on Thursday.

As far as for entertainment what can be better than a movie which has won academy award for Best picture, yes you guessed it right ‘The shape of water’. It is a romantic, supernatural thriller. It is a unique love story. You can in fact must watch it.

We are still unsure, where this Pandemic is going to take us. The lockdown in India is declared till May 3rd however it doesn’t look like it will get over, mostly it will be extended. Covid19 has put water on all our planning for months, I am not sure whether I had a flood or tsunami dream in starting of this year?

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Matheikal

    Interesting. Now that I’ve read this, I realise that my dreams don’t have water or water bodies in them. My dreams have mountains and rugged terrains, much as I love water.

  2. Jyoti Arora

    Great explainations, i always Dream of a beach !! so good luck to me for the good times ahead. but as you wrote this lockdown has put water on all our plannings so lets see where our future now takes…

    1. Abha

      Great post and great explanation of seeing water dreams. I never saw water in my dreams.

  3. Kinshoo Agrawal

    Oh boy seeing water means sickness. Another interesting interpretation of dreams. Thanks.

    1. MeenalSonal Mathur

      Water has so many different types of effect on our thinking. Once my friend mentioned having a dream where she was in pool of water, I just calmed her with few comforting words. Now I understand the reasoning behind it. Thanks Ujjwal for these series of posts.

  4. Arushi Seth

    Interesting read as always. I am sure many people must have had the tsunami dream as this cannot be the result of one. Hope things get better soon

  5. Noor Anand Chawla

    Very interesting interpretation of having water in one’s dreams!

  6. Archana Srivastava

    While reading I was just thinking if I have seen water in dreams in recent days but could not remember, usually I remember so strongly most of the dreams, I will refer your post, if any day I see water in my dreams. Another Interesting post Ujjwal.

  7. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    I get a lot of water dreams could also be because I’m a water lover. This was much insightful to know in detail

  8. Gurjeet Chhabra

    This really very interesting interpretation . Surprise to know water dreams has lot of meaning.

  9. Roma

    I often see beaches in my dreams and know I know it interprets to my emotional nature Ujjwal. Great work here buddy

  10. Prakhar Kasera

    I have never dreamt of anything related to water ever, still it was a fun read. As I have said earlier, I like reading about dream interpretations as I get many weird dreams time to time. My last one, I can hardly expect that it will make it to your interpretations list as that was too weird but felt with a message.

    1. Nisha

      I have seen water in my dreams many times. Mostly it’s a flooded river, so I get really scared. Thanks for explaining the meaning behind such dreams.

  11. Gaya3

    That was a lovely write up .I wasn’t aware of these many interpretation of seeing water in our dreams.

  12. Vashi Baloria

    Reading this was exhilarating ; for i have often seen , calm & clean water in my dreams. Glad to know of the interpretations

  13. Docdivatraveller

    I often dream of water. This is a very insightful article as you have covered all sorts of water sources.

    1. Ghunjain

      I have seen waternin my dreams many times. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed review about such dreams

  14. Snigdha

    The interpretation is really very interesting . Surprising to know water dreams has lot of meaning.

  15. Mrinal Kiran

    Wow! This is cool… I only remember seeing water once in my life.. I was a kid then.. I dreamt of myself hopping over a small pond… Never saw a water body ever again in my dreams…
    I keep seeing myself crossing railway tracks while the train is approaching, in my dreams.. Even saw a girl jumping in front of it and I collapsed on the platform, I could physically feel the heaviness.. It happened 3 days back, in the morning just before I woke up… I wonder what it means!

  16. Surbhi Prapanna

    great post and you had explained so well each aspect of seeing water in your dreams.

  17. Pooja Budhiraja

    Ye water is life indeed. Even my kids are waiting for the old swimming days again. Nicely written.

  18. Saumya Chaudhary

    This so beautifully written and explained . I love reading such stuff. I feel a strong connection with water when I am in pool I feel so Alive.

  19. Rahul Prabhakar

    Thanks for your lovely post, as always. I have never dreamt about water in my dreams but if I ever get to dream about water, I’d rather be on a beach enjoying with my loved ones.

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