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Wishes come true #WoWe

It was a stormy night, with too many thunders, clouds rumbling and heavy rain showers. It was same since morning, but as the night approached the darkness was adding to the frightening effect.

People were hardly outside on the road, and all those who were there, were running to get under shelter or rushing to get at a safer place but not Sunaina. She was walking or I should say swaying holding her umbrella over her head. She was in no rush, rather she had lot of happiness, relief and satisfaction on her face. As if that rain brought her something very important. She was same girl, who didn’t smile even once in last one year. Since, her dad met an accident and went in coma. She had to leave her studies to support the family, as she was eldest, her mother was uneducated and her dad was the only earning member. Yesterday her dad came out of coma, and today doctors declared him out of danger. This was the happiest day of her life. Although the sky was dark, but for her it was the brightest one, glittering with stars, who made her wish come true.

Word count: 197

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  1. Mayuri Nidigallu

    So glad this dark cloud had a silver lining. A story of hope , Ujjwal.
    Thanks for writing for #WoWe.

    1. Shilpa Nairy

      Glad to see the happy ending.. rain brought her new hope.

  2. Nikunj

    Excellent write up! More power to you

  3. Lata Sunil

    Good to read this story with a happy back story. I also love to walk in the rain. Maybe that smile is like a bright star.

  4. lifewithmypenguin

    Optimism behind dark clouds gives us hope. Well penned, Ujjwal.

  5. rashimital

    So true. Wishes do come true. Parents are everything for us. And no matter how dark and scary the sky is, such a news will bring a silver lining to every cloud. Thanks for writing for #WoWe 🙂

  6. Varsh

    Finally Sunaina had something to rejoice about! Loved the story, Ujjwal. 🙂

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