You are currently viewing Ye kaha aa gaye hum? Dreaming the unknown. #atozchallenge

Ye kaha aa gaye hum? Dreaming the unknown. #atozchallenge

Being lost in dreams. We are lost in thoughts in waking life, and many times struggle find a way for a new location. Thanks to advance technology and google maps, that even in new cities and we drive like a pro. But dreams do not have technologies, not yet.

Getting lost in dreams are very vivid and can leave you scared in dreams and perplexed even after waking up. We have discussed about dreams where we lose objects or things but getting lost and unable to find way out or finding home is different. To understand what these dreams mean we need to understand the setup in which you were lost. Was it a jungle, a road, isolated island or any dangerous place? Depending on the setup we can understand the dream better.

You get such dreams generally if you are anxious, trying to find answers and are unable to get them. These dreams start coming if you are worried about something in waking life. It might also mean that you are losing your peace of mind.

One of the interesting interpretations of Lost in dream is.

Lost in Hotel:

If you are in a luxurious hotel and get lost. Unable to find your room, a way out or anything that you want. Hotel is our temporary residence. We associate hotels with comfort, service and luxury.

These dreams relate your anxiety with your career. This dream signifies that you need to work on improving your financial status, savings and wealth needs to be worked upon. The steps or elevators in the hotel signify your inner challenges.

Someone known being lost:

It is scary to imagine a loved one being lost. Specially, if its your child. We are very careful specially in the crowded places. These dreams of loosing a precious someone means that you are overburdened with work. There is so much on the plate that you are unable to handle everything on your own and you are worries that you might miss something important.

Being lost in sea or desert:

Sea and desert both are vast, they show us about our emotions and endless problems. You need to speak to someone regarding your problems else these problems might affect your mental health and lead to depression as well.

These problems can be personal as well as a professional. So, spend some time with yourself. DO not supress your emotions. Work on your communication with people around.

There are many meanings about being lost in dreams in lore’s as well. Like if you are lost in a library with great books around you mean that you have bright future. If you are lost in mountains while trekking, it means you are worried about your dreams and ambitions.

Dreaming about Unknown:

Unknown can be place, people and even experiences. You do not understand where you are, you do not recognize any one in our dream signifies that you are looking for some change in your life. Looking to explore new things. Either you are feeling lonely or you do not connect to people around you in a way you should. Sometimes such dreams are trying to tell you that things are going to change, it might indicate change of job, place ot stepping into new phase of life.

Many psychologists have researched about lost dreams. Stay aware about your emotions and you will not be lost in waking life as well as your dreams.

We all hope and pray that this lockdown gets over and we are out of COVID19 scare by May3rd.

For The binge watch, I have earlier suggested a series called LOST. This time its about Robinsons, the space colonist. The series I am talking about is ‘Lost in Space’. It already has 3 seasons.

Enjoy with your family, this time won’t be coming back.

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  1. Arushi Seth

    As always those are amazing interpretations. I am really impressed with this research and thanks for sharing this with us

    1. Alpana Deo

      Awesome Ujjwal. Dreams have a message to convey. Thank you for coming up with such an unique theme for A2Z. I haven’t read you A2Z posts but from those that I have read, I can say you have done a wonderful job in understanding the theory behind the dreams and putting it in front of us in an easy language.

      1. Neha Jain

        Wow that is such a nice post , I loved to get lost in books, sea…. these dreams interpretation can take anyone in their

    2. Varsh

      Oh, I’ve dreamt about getting lost in everything from books to the sea. Didn’t know that this had a specific meaning too. Thanks for shedding light on this topic!

  2. Satya bajpai

    Very nice read dear Ujjwal. Good going 👍👍

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    I’m getting creeped out by this post.. Shouldn’t have read it just before bedtime!

  4. Satya Bajpai

    Nice read dear Ujjwal. Good going👍

  5. Rajshree

    I wasn’t aware the meaning behind the dreams. I have come across one or two of these in the past and this helps me understand my mindset behind them.

  6. Cindy Dsilva

    Mmmm good to know I’m not feeling lonely. I don’t remember having this type of dream but looking forward to the other dreams and their meanings.

  7. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Your dream interpretation series is throwing the light on and answering so many of the queries I had regarding dreams. You chose a very novel and refreshing topic and helped so many of us through it.

  8. Roma

    Like I said through out the series too Ujjwal it is so fascinating to read about the interpretations of the unknown in our dreams

  9. Anita

    What an interesting dream interpretation.Somehow I forget my dreams when I wake up.Thanks for sharing your insights.

  10. Anita

    What an interesting dream interpretation.Somehow I forget my dreams when I wake up.Thanks for sharing your insights about getting lost in dreams

  11. Dipika Singh

    I was surprised when my daughter told me the reason behind anxious dreams some days back, she learned it in her class and dug the internet further to understand. Your post shares the same knowledge about the dreams.

  12. Judy Morris

    Oh dreams truly hold some meaning to it. Fortunately/unfortunately I don’t dream a lot or maybe don’t remember them. But your interpretation of dreams looks quite on point.

  13. Neha Sharma

    That’s something interesting, I have never had such a dream or just don’t remember now but I like the different interpretations associated with this dream especially the last one dreaming about unknown.

  14. Jhilmil

    I having been dreaming a while of getting lost in Space. Maybe, because I have been watching the star war series during the lockdown drifted my mind into that direction 🙂

  15. Tina Basu

    WOw this is so well interpreted. I sometimes dream of getting lost in dessert or barren land. I dont know why. Dreaming of the unknown is also a feeling i can relate to!

  16. Amrit Kaur

    Today only I dreamt of being lost in a sea and now I know what it meant. Dreams is a very vast subject that represents most of the time our life and thoughts.

  17. Deepika

    Omg! I didn’t think that dreaming has so much sense. I often don’t remember what did I dream. Like you my mother also told me the meaning of the specific dreams.

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