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Young Blood, By chandirma das #bookreview #bookchatter

  • Genre: Short Stories/ Horror
  • Publisher: HarperCollins India
  • Total Pages: 336 pages
  • Author: Chandrima Das

About the Author:

Chandrima Das tells stories that explore the no-man’s-land between truth and fear. Her digital debut The Talking Dead (Kindle, Audible) was a bestseller in the horror category. Young Blood (HarperCollins India) is her debut short story collection in paperback. She is presently working on her first novel, a blend of horror and fantasy set in North-East India, with the SouthAsia Speaks mentorship program.

After a decade-long career in management consulting that spanned from Wall Street to rural Bihar, Chandrima began writing full-time in 2020. Her web-comics and articles have featured in Quartz, Alliance magazine, Scroll, India Development Review, and Open Democracy. Chandrima has performed at live storytelling events with Tall Tales and Kommune, and was published in The Best of Tall Tales (Rupa, 2018).

Author: Chandirma Das

Chandrima has a B. Tech in Computer Science from NIT Durgapur and an MBA from IIM Calcutta, where she was awarded the Aditya Birla and OPJEMS scholarships. She was born in Shillong, brought up in Guwahati, and currently lives in Mumbai.

Book Cover:

The book Cover has the a blur background with some blood stains here and there, with the title young Blood written in bold, all caps and Red color.

Young and blood that’s the theme of these 10 stories. Youngsters living on campus getting a chance meeting with the most fearsome tales. Hence for me the book cover is doing quite a justice with the book narration.

Plot/ Story Line:

From strange sightings to urban legends, from haunted buildings to not-so-friendly ghosts, colleges in India have their fair share of spine-tingling tales, be it Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, St. Bede’s College in Shimla or Delhi University. Young Blood is a collection of ten tales that reimagine college urban legends and true first-person accounts, that promises to terrify even die-hard fans of horror.

My Take: Young Blood

The Book has 10 stories from various campuses in India. Sometimes the students visit these places by chance and in some cases it’s a planned adventure.

What worked for me?

The Author has done a lot of research before collating and selecting these 10 stories for young blood.

The narration is smooth. Writing every story as a first person, has given an extra edge to the narration. While reading each one of them, Chandrima takes you along in those scary places and you can feel the rise in pulse while the ghost is chasing the narrator.

What will happen next? Will the student come out safe? All these doubts keep the reader glues to each story till the end.

I like most of the stories however The benefits of doubt and Final possession kept me glued, engaged and terrified at the same time.

What could have been better?

More stories ofcourse. Once you end with these 10 stories, you want to read more. I went all the way to internet and searched for more spooky stories on Indian campuses.

So if Chandirma has a plan with a season 2 for next 10 stories I am very much in as a reader!!!

4 Starts to this collection of 10 horror stories from various university campuses in India

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